A high bid at auction is no representation of market value, nor is a single sale. Why do so many people try to talk these cars down and deride a sellers ad?

#4981 appears to be a nice original survivor car, Hagerty Valuation has a #3 'Good' condition '73 at $82K (May 2019) and their valuation is built of a cross section of sales. Maybe the market is on the decline but I think Warren is priced fairly at current market.

eBay pricing doesn't matter as much as the market exposure, it's the cheapest few bucks you can spend to get Worldwide exposure IMO.

The here offered car is a very nice original Pantera, no doubt about it.

 And you are right, it is not good to talk it down in the offer. So I gonna stop here, but ingorance of the facts is not reasonable, the least to say.


Good luck with you sale, really nice car.

Very nice original car here!  Warren, I assume you have the tub and fasteners as well? 

The color looks exactly like mine. 

I've never done business with BAT but it looks like a fair way to sell a car and the interaction between buyers and sellers in the comment section is something unique that you won't get at Hemmings, Ebay or the live auction places.

Good luck!

Hi All

Just placed my car on Ebay and it's getting alot of interest!

Quite frankly it's the most original and by far the most reasonably priced for a car such as this. The added benefit to the new owner would be no taxes or dealer fees incurred by new owner!

Still hoping it will go to someone on our site who can really appreciate vehicle for what it is!


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