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Well the very best of progress luck. I have been working on 6997 for just on a year having brought it from my good friend  in pieces.  Feb 2021 will be a neat 30 years of it not being on the road and I was trying to complete it before then, but concede now that  I will not make it .

My friend and I should complete the restoration of the lower rear suspension  tomorrow and have it off the jacks. The car will then be complete from the rear bumper up to the firewall.

I have the inside , AC , electrics and front end left to do. I think mid 21 is a good target for me to complete it . I want everything pretty well done before I dump fuel into the tank and start it up .

I don't want to have more to do and not be able to drive it, or for the fuel to go  bad or the car not to be able to be driven regularly. So the mission is to finish it properly before startup  . No excuses.

Here  is the current state of play today - back end completed and reassembled with wheels back on, back end sitting on the ground, car spun around for better front access  and the front end strip down started for the rebuild. 


I tried to convince myself the front end rebuild wasn't required but the A arm bushings look buggered and if you have to do those then you might as well do the lot. The only issue I had was that this is the first time , since I have had the car , that it has been on the ground with the engine and gearbox in it. The jack I had happily been using up till now was suddenly too high to fit as the entire car sits about 4 inches lower than it was without the engine.

Might have to get a new jack!


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  • IMG_2659: Front end Rebuild Start

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