I'm certainly not trying to TELL anyone what or what they should not do. I am also not trying to SELL anyone anything.

Some of the larger mirrors actually obscure forward vision. Certainly there are cosmetic considerations here but ultimately form should follow function.

Perhaps it is best to try all of these SUGGESTIONS yourself and make your own decisions? Then there are NO fingers to point at anyone and it would be the best solution that was possible with all of the combinations available?

I am also not trying to SELL anyone anything

I guess I can't have an opinion since I sell them. By the way, I am not trying to tell anyone what to do. If you re-read my post I said "Do what you like". If Luis doesn't like them I would be more then happy to take them back!!!!!
Originally posted by No Quarter:
Mirrors should be small, chrome, useless, change position every time you close the door. Exactly like mine... Razzer

*No Quarter - Mine aren't chrome but they are small, move around (I've actually got a wedge on the drivers side mirror), and the doors when open make contact with the mirrors as well Frowner
*Doug/Scott - I took the chance and have the camaro mirrors. I actually think they look good. I appreciate the additional picks Scott.

The mirrors come complete with the threaded studs for mounting making it harder to appreciate what they would like mounted without messing about with them - therefore the request for more pics and options.

The overall size of the camaro mirrors only protude about an inch more than the current mirrors. Keep in mind also that the GT5-S has a wider body, which I think helps to keep the camaro mirrors in poportion. I would also paint the mirrors to match the pantera - blending them in a bit more.

I haven't however made a final decision. Which is why I was interest to know what mirror options others had gone with. I'm in no rush either as the mirrors won't be going on until I do some body work.
For sure the wide body presents special considerations. Kinda like Dolly Parton trying to see her feet?
I doubt there is a perfect mirror for the Pantera no matter what you do, but if the Camaro mirrors works for it, great!
They certainly will be easier to replace if they get broken then my Vitaloni's?
Love the car. Best of luck with it. Great color.
I'm coming in late to the discussion, but those same mirrors were fitted to a CA wide body Pantera by Larry Stock at Pantera Parts connection.

He mounted them on the A pillar as you have and they looked ugly IMO, plus as you have found the door hits them. I said "why don't you make a backing and mount them on the quarter window". Larry few a few expletives around, but then next week I went back they were mounted on the quarter window and the A-pillar bodywork repainted. They looked a whole lot better too, not sure about any vision improvement though.

As has been mentioned mounting any mirror to get a good vision is challenging, especially so on a wide body car. The quarter window channel often gets in the field of view too.

On last thing, please do reconsider remounting the wing or if you do mount it in such a way it is easy to remove as your taste will constantly be going back and forth.

I have a soft spot for the 5S and you certainly have a beauty. Not many Pantera's can pull off that color, but it looks superb on your car. Where in Australia are you?

Hi Julian. I'm in Perth.

As for the wing mounted I've been thinking about buying or have made 4x stainless steel flush threaded plugs to cover the wing mounting holes if I decide to take it off.

This would mean if the wing is off then there's 4x stainless plugs on the lid. They could even be chromed black to match the other black detailing or painted the same colour as the car.

LOL. Never realized how polarising the wing was on the panteras. I think they look good either way.
If it helps, I have the 2010 Camaro mirrors from Scott and Chris, and I think they look really good on the Pantera. They seem to fit the lines of the car better than anything else I've seen. I'll post pics when the car is back from paint in a few months.

(shameless plug for Scott & Chris)

If it helps, I have the 2010 Camaro mirrors from Scott and Chris, and I think they look really good on the Pantera. They seem to fit the lines of the car better than anything else I've seen. I'll post pics when the car is back from paint in a few months.

(shameless plug for Scott & Chris)

Thanks Corey!!!
Originally posted by David B:
What did Coz used to call the wing.... a serving tray for a BBQ?

Anyhow, it's a great place to put your tools, rags, polishes and during the idle time in a cold winter garage it will collect all sorts of crap.

At least it's functional Razzer.
Ok so I have managed to get a couple of things done over the last couple of months.

1- Upgraded the window regulators to the Vader kit. It works a treat. http://web1.wavelinx.net/tmitch/pparts.htm

2- Removed the old mirrors and replaced with Sacc Restorations 2010 Camaro Mirror kit. http://pantera.saccrestorations.net/sck0002.html

3- The door marker light replaced with LED type. I had one of the fittings missing and this provided a better fit - having said that on the right side door I used an "O" Ring inside the door to provide increased surface area for fitting to hold. I suppose one of vageries of a hand built car was that the right door marker light hole was a little bigger than the left.
I purchased the led lights from a local auto parts store, however the link is http://www.ledautolamps-uk.com...catid=6&productid=76

Mirror and Marker light Pics to follow.
Yes, those mirrors do look nice. Any pics from the side? Can you show us how they're mounted?

Rear wings are great and unless you're trying to break a track speed record I suggest you put it back on. It helps explain to the uninformed masses what kind of car it is.

Instead of people asking you if it's a kit car, they'll just assume it's a Lambo. Awesome time saver.
Its an inside joke here at the office how much Pantera owners obsess over mirrors.

Panteras are difficult when it comes to choosing mirrors, when they're big enough to be functional they tend to be too big and over-power the car. When they are small enough to look "right" they are too small to be functional.

I think the Camaro mirrors sold by Scott are about as big as you can get without being too big, they walk a fine line in that aspect. The mirrors that glue onto the front corner of the side window create a blind spot, and they end up being too far forward, the window trim partially blocks the view of the mirror. The Camaro mirrors solve that problem too.

The lines of the Camaro mirror are reminiscent of the lines of the Colt mirror that was so popular decades ago, but the Camaro mirror is much more functional because it is larger and it mounts further back. I think Scott has chosen a good mirror to market. I also like the looks when its been painted body color.

Great work Lui.

Fixing mounts (as Scott said it requires two threaded studs, which come with mirrors to be drilled in, plus a seperate hole for the cable (they are electric)).

This pic is looking up into the underside of top of door (hope that makes sense Smiler.


Photos (1)
As far as perfect fit to be honest if the mounting base was 5mm narrower it would certainly help.
When you look at the mirrors from the rear of car there is just a small gap, (which I'm not concerned about and is something I'll address soon enough)where the mirror base sticks up/or doesn't quite sit flush where top of door meets window trim.
Having invested some time researching the different mirror options I am very happy with these. Also again one of the vageries of hand built cars the top of door trim available for mirror mount is slightly differrent on either side, with the left side in this case being just a tad narrower.

PS: Unless you really want black mirrors, the great thing with these is that you can colour match to your car. Helping them blend in and look more factory, especially to the uninitiated eye.

PPS:Thanks Scott and Chris for making these available.
How is the "Corvette ABS Braking" system coming along in your R&D for Panteras. I for one am interested. Smiler
Originally posted by Lui:
Originally posted by r mccall:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Lui:
Thanks Chris.

Hi Barry. Thanks. I have the wing in the garage. The last owner had it removed. It will be goign back on Smiler



Originally posted by Lui:
LOL. Such resistance to the wing.

It's not on yet so chillax. Smiler

I have a lot more planned before the wing comes into the picture.

If you go to events with tailgate parties, you should do the wing.
It gives you a place to put the barbie and beer.

I love the car. It's beautiful. The color is outrageous. Pictures of the GT5s do not do these cars justice.

I can not disagree that the Camaro mirrors are an interesting design statement at all, but they are HUGE and change the entire concept of the side elevation.

They seem to become the focal point to me. I don't know if I'd want to do that, but that is me personally. I must admit that they do work better on a GT5s for sure.

The toughest picture and the most important to capture for these mirrors I suppose is from the drivers seat.

One view from that perspective would say once and for all if they are the best solution...at the moment, and all other aesthetics I'd have to learn to live with and accept, very quickly.
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