This GT5-S is being advertised as having only 686 miles, with an asking price of $395,000.  However, there are records of the car having been listed for sale in Italy circa 2005 with 26,000 km on it.

The current San Diego listing can be found here:

While in Italy, the car was yellow. The old QV 500 registry had the following entry for this car:

"Manufactured October 1989 and sold new to a German dealer.
July 1995 first homologation in Germany.
May 1998 second homologation in Germany. Re-painted yellow with modifications to the wheels, steering and ignition.
June 2007 sold to present owner, Italy at 22,000km"

It appeared in the United Sates in 2017, when it was sold by Goodings for $290,000 in with the following caption:

"As documented by factory records, this Pantera was completed on December 20, 1989, making it the 15th car from the end of production. Originally finished in red with black leather upholstery (including the upper and lower dash), the Pantera was delivered to Sports Cars GmbH in Stuttgart and remained in Germany through the mid-1990s. The GT5-S then returned to Italy and was sold, in 2010, to a private collector based in northern Italy. Although the Pantera had covered only 26,000 km at the time of acquisition, the new owner wanted the car restored to perfection and had it shipped to Autocostruzioni SD in Nichelino, Italy, the workshop run by former Bizzarrini factory manager Salvatore Diomante. There, the GT5-S was restored to the highest standards using NOS components, at a cost reported to exceed €80,000."

I believe Goodings may have sold it again in 2019, this time for $319,000.

The car is far from original, so I have been very surprised at the prices it has been changing hands at when much nicer late model Panteras have been selling for much less.142#9547 - 1989 Pantera GT5-S - Italy 3


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How much did the red Si go for a few months back? I believe it was less than this. For me I'd choose the Si. 

I share your sense of surprise regarding the price! Especially once I learned that the low mileage was merely post-restoration mileage. There are (in my humble opinion) ethical problems with rolled-back odometers. Yes I understand a restoration was involved but to me, the mileage reset feels untrue to the history of the vehicle.


This is amusing to see a car that has so many incorrect details being touted as a "perfect" restoration. The wheels are covered in brake dust, the tires look too large (esp. the rears), the rear side glass is missing (and non-original sheet-metal vents in place), those awful rear deck-lid vents that will fill the trunk pan with water when you drive in the rain (it does happen...), the incorrect centre console insert (slider missing), incorrect interior door panel surfaces, many mods to the engine (intake, covers etc.). And the list goes on and on...

Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to own this car — but at a fraction of the asking price. Some huge money was invested in this car, but I don't think it has added the same in value. There are several nicer cars available in Europe for much less money.

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