I have been rebuilding the front suspension and have hit a snag. I thought the pantera arm bushings were like the ferrari 308s where the guts could be removed and the sleeve retained, and a poly bushing inserted. I believe Energy Suspension is the maker of the bushings. Is this an option or does the outer sleeve need to be cut and pushed out? If that is the case is there a shop/vendor that does that and maybe adds a zerk fitting. I want to say I used to see an advertisement in Profiles or Poca but I can’t find it.

Below is a pick of what I used for the 308 from the Birdman308 website. Thanks.


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For a non-offset bushing, MAP has sets like the one shown in your first pic. You leave the outer sleeve of the old bushing in place with those. If you want the offset bushings for more caster, you have to remove the outer sleeve.
Originally posted by Rocky:
We used a reciprocating saw with a fine blade.
It was a pretty time-consuming process to get them all out.

I used this method too. Careful or not, I scarred every one of the A arms by cutting too deep, they just wouldn't move until I did. The most miserable job on a Pantera!
A less intrusive method is to use a hack saw. With the a-arm in a vise, take the blade off the saw and thread it through the bushing. Then saw a straight line until the bushing starts to collapse on itself. You can feel the bushing start to press on the side of the blade. Use a chisel or screw driver to drive out the bushing. It still scars the a-arm but the damage is minimal.

To save time you can start with a sawzall and then switch to hack saw near the end.

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