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After seeing the same photo for what?? two years, four years, imagine my amazement to see the photo had changed, now highlighting Garth and Leslie and and their Banzai Runner, fellow PCNC members.

George, might I suggest you do your best to get photographs at Concorso, with the owners standing by their cars??

or maybe post a thread asking for owner/car photographs?

I like Garth, but not sure I want to see him for the next three years😉😉


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One of the members kept on my arse about changing the photo. My memory being what it is, I had to figure-out how I had done all that from scratch. I was dragging my feet. His persistence was both needed and appreciated.

The request you suggested is long standing here ... Pictures of Members Posed With Their De Tomaso. You'll find at the bottom I have 9 photos waiting in line to be featured. The pictures featured on the home page are for forum members, not Concorso attendees.

Anyone who would like a photo of themselves posed with their De Tomaso featured on the home page, please post it in the above topic (thread) or forward it to me.


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