Okay, here's a question for those who know more than I do!

Is there any advantage to 180 degree headers on a Coyote engine? The firing order 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2 only has two cylinders (8 & 6) on the same bank firing consecutively, would that entail different pairings of tubes or already overcome most of the pulses associated with earlier SBF firing orders?

Also it has been said generally with modern engines the primary tube length of 180 headers isn't ideal for the power band?


(seems like the picture didnt worked..)

As for the cleveland engine the coyote will send the pulses to every second collector... the second benefit is that if the coyote engine has two funny fans then its easier to place them on a strategic place with a 180dgs as a template Smiler

The coyote's cylinder numbers are different than the standard Ford, right? One is on the front left, 2 is on the front right and so on back and forth rather then 1,2,3,4 on the right and 5,6,7,and 8 on the left so it fires in the normal 90 deg. crank configuration.
180s will work the same splitting every other pulse on any 90 deg cranked v-8, I believe.

I am building a new 180 step tube design that can use the existing Pantera mufflers in their original locations. With this new design, you can keep a rear trunk insert with only a slight mod. I'll be posting more about the build next month.
Kirk, i think it is like that for Chevy (or basically any GM). Ford does 1-4 on the passenger bank, 5-8 on the driver bank.

And Rocky... half of the fun is how cool it looks ofc Smiler)))) you are 100% right..

I have no other real options either since i will use twin turbo

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