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I am looking to get more night time light in front of my 1974L. I’d like to install some period correct looking driving lights on the car but can’t figure out what would be the best install location that will look descent.

Could anyone that has Driving Lights installed on their car share what they have? Or some ideas? I want it to look like something that would have been added by the factory or added during the 70’s-80’s.
I don’t want anything high tech or modern looking.

Thanks in advance.
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If it is purely night vision and not a daytime driving light consider upgrading the headlamps to the drop in LED headlights now available.

As Julian suggested any 7" round LED (or even HID) headlight would do the trick.

I'm not a fan of the appearance of 'speaker' LED headlights, but I've seen a pair installed in an early Pantera and the light was impressive! I guess it's a good thing they're hidden when not being used.
Here is my car...I put in a dual fog and driving light system mounted on the very edge of the grillwork. Also note if you change the factory headlights to a higher output wattage you will increase the amp draw on the system (to do the same work- see ohms law).

In other words increasing the current (wattage bulb) in the circuit path might cause the relay to possibly burn out... so modify the relay to work with the higher draw of current, just my two cents.


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for a total of 320 watts, the STEADY STATE expected current through the relay would be (320/12) = 27A. However for about 0.2 seconds, the inrush current to heat the lighting element can be 10 times greater. while one would not size the relay for 270A, the 50A realy can disipate that burst of heat better than a 30A.
The section of the wires is much more important than the caliber of the relays which, with 30A, are sufficient and nobody speaks ??? !!!!

Too thin wires heat up, the insulation can melt and a short circuit can occur, it is more serious than a relay that grid.

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