Any advice out there for someone looking to get into a decent car. I mean, what to look for, what to watch out for, etc...

I'm slightly mechanical, I've rebuilt/cusomized my old 58 FL Harley from the ground up. Although I don't have the room to restore a whole car I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Basically any advice for a Pantera newbie?

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buy a good car in the first place dont buy a pig hoping to do it up unless you want to spend big bucks,the motor isnt a concern,you can get them anywhere, the gearbox is thats a vey expencive bit,the body needs to be rust free and as good as you can and the cooling system can be an issue,get a right hand drive not one of those us ones that drive on the wrong side of the road (only joking) hoped i helped andy 6349
Welcome aboard. Glad to have you with us.

Living in So Cal, you'll have the biggest selection of Panteras to choose from in the world, and the most fellow owners willing to help you with your purchase, inspect it for you when you find a Pantera you're interested in, etc.

In North Hollywood there is a Linclon/Mercury dealer who normally has a Pantera or two for sale on his lot, he specializes in finding showroom condition examples, freshening them up and selling them at a fair price. That's Mayberry Lincoln Mercury.

In the city of Orange, a stones throw from the Big A & Disneyland, there is PI Motorsports, they sell more Panteras than anybody in the world, and have a large inventory to select from.

You'll find several examples for sale on the club's web site:

Get plugged into the hobby, learn all you can, I highly recommend you joining Pantera International, but then, I'm the prez, of course I would. Joking aside, I'll help anyway I can.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I've been studying the market for some time, trying to get a feel for pricing vs year vs equipement. I've also been getting what books I can find, I guess it's time to get my PI membership now!

thx again
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