Anyone have a good condition and original spare tire air canister for sale? Also, anyone have either of the spare belts (alternator and a/c), still in the original cardboard, for sale?
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at least from the top it doesn't look like any pictures of an air canister I have seen before- did they change between pre L and L cars?

That's because the photo is of a carbon canister for the fuel tank vent to capture the fumes (the one that most people throw over the nearest hedge!), not a spare tire air canister.

The tire canisters come up on EvilBay occasionally, if I recall they are the same as something else (maybe a Ferrari canister?), but then if it's listed for an F car it'll be twice the price!
A 38-yar-old 'can of air' may be empty by now, and in any case, most use a unique connecting fitting or hose so be sure you get everything. Unless its just for show. As far as aftermarket tire inflators, first look carefully at the label on the back. Some are pressurized with PROPANE! In a hot front or rear trunk, this is a legal hand grenade and in fact, some have detonated under high altitude & long runs. One Nor-Cal member had his Pantera's decklid blown open up in the mountains, shearing the latch & putting two big dents in the steel.
If your present inflator- in any car- says DANGER-EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE, throw it away right now!
In addition, people who have used these bombs on tires, then gone to a repair shop to have a puncture fixed right, at at risk. A So-Cal shop had a BMW (I think) up on a rack and used a rasp to enlarge a puncture hole for a plug; the tire was a steel belted. A spark detonated the tire, killed the repairman, wrecked the shop and damaged two cars outside. Even deflated, they are like an "empty" fuel tank. BEWARE!
Racerdave- thanks for the tip and the clear photo. Now that I know what it looks like, and what it's called, and that it is a Mustang part too, I found one on eBay and just bought it! This forum is great!!

Bosswrench- yikes, scary stories indeed. Maybe I should try to "bleed" some of the air out of mine? It will be just for show and won't stay in the Pantera.

Boxxboys- lol!!

Now, how about some NOS belts? Are they findable at all? How about replacement NOS steering wheel pads- I've heard that they are next to impossible....
NOS steering wheel pads don't exist. If there is one out there it would break into brittle pieces once you touched it. Call a Pantera vendor for a new replacement. Keep the Detomaso center emblem from the old pad if it's there. Hold on to your wallet as those pads are $200.00 plus. Chuck
Graham Pantera has a very accurate reproduction steering wheel pad.
And like Chuck says use your old deTomaso center emblem if you have it. The Graham cover came with a logo, but it was different from my original emblem. Also Chuck is right about a NOS piece, it would likely be too brittle and break when you tried to install it. The Graham cover was nice and flexible.


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I'm guessing your asking about the "Autolite Parts" sticker seen on most Fords of the era. Not on a Pantera, and no "351" displacement sticker on the top cover either.
My research shows there are no decals anywhere on a "Pre-L" Pantera air cleaner. Later models, I'm not so sure. I would be very interested if anyone has evidence to the contrary. What year is your car?
It is a 1974 L model. There is definitely sticker "residue" on the front which is very visible when you are facing the engine on my car.

I looked at engine compartment photos of every car on qv500 and the best pic I could find of the sticker is this one

Anyone know what the rectangular sticker at the top center of this photo is?
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