Those mindtrain guys really did a good job on their chroming.

Back in the 70's that piece was probably made in the USA, and chromed in the USA.

Back when things were made and done to last, not slapped together to just look good in the box only to be followed by planned obsolescence or breakage.

At least one vendor loves to supply reproduction parts of continually questionable quality. I will never understand why one would go to the trouble of reproducing something, only to produce and sell a part that fails to deliver OEM quality.

I’ll take the luggage rack. That seems to be the most solid thing on the car.

I'm thinking there is probably a pretty solid, standard-bore 4-bolt Cleveland block hidden in there. Assuming ...yea, I know.... that water has not creeped in and rusted it beyond redemption.

And suspension pieces, and glass, window trim......

But $25K is no where close to realistic.

So what is interesting on that car

Engine, Gearbox, Rims, Gauges, Lights,Suspension parts, Brakes...

If you buy it as a package it is not worth the money the seller charges.

If the seller splits it off himself, he'll do a better deal but will take him some time and storagespace and patience.

As we learn the screwdriver is also worth something.

If we really want to make a forum buy, someone from the US should buy it and hold the offers of the parts from the forum guys in hand. Then we can go for a bid.
That bid is no where near $25k, more like $10k.

But I remember that yellow car in craigslist at Miami (?), same condition, and someone must have given serious money on it. So you never know.

We are splitting the fure of the bear before the bear is shot. Wink

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