OK, had to ask the group a favor, relating to the 'city' & 'country' horn issue that I believe Steve L. broached several years back - (sorry, of course I can't find any of those notes or comments now!). Although 1010 is wired for both sets of horns, it only has the Fiamm air horn setup, consisting of two trumpets, compressor & relay. I assume this would be called the 'country' horn system, but the factory wiring diagram has me wondering if that is correct. Whatever the trumpet system is called, I would really appreciate seeing a image of the 'other' set of horns used on the Mangusta, if they were in fact ever fitted. Assuming they were, does the switch on the dash toggle between city and country horns, using the column stalk to actuate? Were twin horns (i.e., two separate types) a standard feature for all years? Appreciate any comments, if anyone knows make/model of the 'other' horn that would be fantastic. Regards to all Nate S.
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It is illegal to blow your horn in Italian cities so that is why the two sounds.
The switch toggles down for city and up for country.

It is possisble that the horn emits both sounds, that there is only one horn with two sounds controlled by the switch.

Nate, the city horn is on the opposite side to the air horns. It is an electric horn much more quiet than the air horns. The dash toggle allows either horn to be used via the indicator stalk. I tried to att a photo but exceeded the KB...So in other words the air horns are behind the right headlights and the city horn is behind the left headlights.
Mike & Dick, thanks for the input, that all makes good sense. For whatever reason my car has always been missing the lefthand splash shield where it sounds like the city horn should be located. The missing shield will have to be fabracated (of course it's not a simple flat piece, I did manage to get a lot of measurement from the "Kylie" Goose Roger Brotton did so much nice work on) and I'll eventually get around to finding the appropriate horns. If anyone comes across a image that would be a great help, but on to some other jobs at the moment, getting the wiring harness back in is probably the next priorty. Regards, Nate
Nate, Steve L did an extensive write-up article, with photos, for the POCA Newsletter late last year. In it, Steve rebuilt his 'country' horns which had failed. They are Fiamm air horns and the on-board compressor went south, but was rebuildable. The city horns are conventional electric. Maybe you can locate a copy.

Glad to hear you are making some progress!!!! Not too frozen out yet!

My previous muses were not much....simply about "finding out" that I actually had two horns! I think I mentioned having to clean up all the connections before anything started working......

The air horns are indeed the country horns. Yes, the dash switch toggles between the two, which are activated by the blinker stalk end. I believe that the two types were standard on all cars......but that is only my belief.....!

As for the city horn, it certainly sounds like "roadrunner vs coyote"...... or a VW bug. It truly is not much of a horn.... These days, I would be more apt to install a single Fiam horn from a more modern Crown Vic or F150! (Yes Ford uses Italian horns on their cars!) A single unit would make much more noise than the old ones......and we need as much help as we can get to be heard! .....that said, I now leave my horn switch in "country" all the time...!!!

I'm due to be in the front of my car soon, new radiator and wiring, and front brake lines, so should be able to eventually get you a shot and info! Before April anyway!
Nate, just got a chance to photograph my City Horn, it is taken through the inboard Headlight cutout on the LHS (oposite side to the Air Horns.
My car is a very late RHD twin Headlight car 8MA 1298. in Australia.
Hope this helps
Terry Griggs


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