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Once they are sorted and all the "aged" rubber hoses, ignition, and fan belts are replaced, they are fairly reliable. Each year a large group drivers they Pantera's to the Las Vegas rally from Northern California, over five hundred miles. The electrical and cooling system need a bit more attention the most muscle cars.
I started my seventh year of ownership last month. I spent the first five years enjoying the experience of driving the car and leisurely rebuilding everything on the car one small area at a time. In year six I had one very small failure when the clutch arm return spring broke, but that did not impact service. I think the new spring was $1. I change the oil and filter every year along with the hydraulic fluids. Expect I will continue to change out the coolant every other year or so.


Although I've only had mine since Oct03', I'd say very reliable. Like anything if you run it at least 1x a week its just fine. All simple 70's technology with no guesswork. If it just stops running, 99.9% chance you will know what it is. And I repeat, IF, it stops running.

As the others said, if you have the cooling under control your golden. (stuff like the fuel system upgrade, ignition, or even suspension are really your call)

In summary, I pretty much know when I reach for the Pantera key.....its gonna start, and not have a random fit and die on the road. I dont know I can say that for most cars today.

Like they say "TAKE TWO"

Un like a front engine car that you can see the belts, hoses water pump when you open the
and think gee that belt looks worn or this hose has a soft spot, i better change it on the pantera
all this minor problem now......... major breakdown later stuff is sometimes overlooked because
it is not seen unless you spend the time to take the bulk head out and LOOK! So If you make a
yearly habit to look N see Think of it this way... do you look under the hood of your front engine
car more than once a year?
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