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I dont know if there is such a thing in your area but we have a company here called Express Air Intl. You have your package shipped to their address on the states side, they fly it up and you pick up the packing slip, clear it through customs yourself and pick up the package. They charge a small fee compared to the raping you get from UPS when having things sent up here. This is also good for companies that ship for free to US addresses or wont ship USPS.

Or, you could do what I do:

Ship to just the parts to a location other side of the border in the US, drive there to pick up the parts and then spend three hours in a Customs department concrete cell while my car gets searched, the guards call (in vain) the vendor to verify what I paid, get accused of having a falsified receipt, having mis-represented new parts as used, and then get a hefty lawyer bill afterwards for interrupting him while he was about to tee-off on the 17th hole...

maybe DEEB'S way IS better...
I use UPS Standard (ground) to have my more expensive parts shipped trom he US to me in Canada a lot. We have a "Clears Own" office here. We call UPS before the package arrives and give them the tracking number. They call me when thepackage arrives. I go pick up the papers at UPS , tae it a couple of blocks to Revenue Canada, pay the taxes and go back to UPS and pick up my stuff. NO brokerage fees.

If you receive a UPS AIR shipment, the brokerage is free (included) but you still have to pay the taxes.

If you get a package from UPS Priority, you will automatically be charged a $5 or $7 processing fee PLUS the taxes. If it comes by USPS letter mail or parcel post, the processing fee is only $3 but you still have to pay the GST and (except AB) PST/HST.

If the value is under $20 Can there is no handling fee or taxes to pay. If Customs is busy, lazy, tired, the day your package comes through the mail, you get a break and it just comes with no charges regardless of the value. It's just the luck of the draw.

A downside to US-Can parcel post service is I have never had any luck collecting insurance on lost parts.

The absolute worst experiences I have had on brokerage fees have been with DHL.

I think about half the cost of restoring my Pantera has gone into shipping charges, brokerage and taxes. Don't it really hurt BAD when after all that you end up with parts that don't fit right or are othrwise useless and disappointing?
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