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Pantera Parts for Sale (Located in Tucson, AZ) – Can be delivered to Maricopa for Pick-Up at the 2022 Fun Rally!

Chuck Huber – PM Me If You Want Pictures!


  • Ford Pantera Technical Information Binder - $75
  • Orange Ford Parts Book – Pantera 71-74 Chassis and Body Master Parts Catalog - SOLD
  • Pantera by Ghia Technical Service Information - SOLD
  • ZF-Synchroma Gearbox 5 DS-25 Assy, Maintenance and Operating Instructions (Excellent) - SOLD
  • DeTomaso Pantera by Dave & Linda Adler, Copyright 2006 (Mint) - SOLD

Hall Mark 8 Billet Wheels (17”, fronts are 8” wide, rears are 11” wide) with lug nuts and stylish color inserts – (black, silver or “turned”) - $850

Stock Steering Rack (probably needs a rebuild) - $300

Stock L Bumper, a little wiggly - $100

Rear Suspension Arms (2x Upper & 1x Lower) – Has ends from missing lower arm - $200 for the set

Chrome Swirl Tank, Needs Cleanup and Polishing - SOLD

Pair of Stock Rear Brakes, do the old-style double caliper mod! - $150

Pair of Stock Girling Calipers, Painted Gold, modified to eliminate external plumbing, need rebuilt, but include fittings to convert to AN-3 brake lines - $150

2x Old Style Ford Starters, Needs Rebuilt, $20 each or $30 for both

75A Ford Alternator, $40

Stock Air Conditioning Compressor, $50

Stock Rear “L” Bumper Standoff Tubes / Shock Absorbers - $40

NOS Carello Fog Lights, Covers, Relay, Harness & Switch - $400

Set of 20 NEW Lugnuts for Pantera Studs, marked 1.5RH (Fit Standard Wheel Studs) - $30

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Rear sway bar no longer available.

The (stock?) front bar (and stock brackets) are still available.  $100 for the set of bar and 9 stock brackets (plus shipping).  The bar is black, needs cleanup, as do the brackets.

Dimensions are:

End to end: 39 1/2”

Stop to stop: 22 1/2”

Thickness: .865” (7/8“) diameter

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