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Pantera Parts for Sale (Located in Tucson, AZ) – Can be delivered to Maricopa for Pick-Up at the 2022 Fun Rally!

Chuck Huber – PM Me If You Want Pictures!


  • Ford Pantera Technical Information Binder - $75


Stock Steering Rack (probably needs a rebuild) - $300

Stock L Bumper, a little wiggly - $100

Rear Suspension Arms (2x Upper & 1x Lower) – Has ends from missing lower arm - $200 for the set

Chrome Swirl Tank, Needs Cleanup and Polishing - SOLD

Pair of Stock Rear Brakes, do the old-style double caliper mod! - $150

Pair of Stock Girling Calipers, Painted Gold, modified to eliminate external plumbing, need rebuilt, but include fittings to convert to AN-3 brake lines - $150

2x Old Style Ford Starters, Needs Rebuilt, $20 each or $30 for both

75A Ford Alternator, $40

Stock Air Conditioning Compressor, $50

Stock Rear “L” Bumper Standoff Tubes / Shock Absorbers - $40

NOS Carello Fog Lights, Covers, Relay, Harness & Switch - $400

Set of 20 NEW Lugnuts for Pantera Studs, marked 1.5RH (Fit Standard Wheel Studs) - $30

SOLD Stuff:

  • Orange Ford Parts Book – Pantera 71-74 Chassis and Body Master Parts Catalog - SOLD
  • Pantera by Ghia Technical Service Information - SOLD
  • ZF-Synchroma Gearbox 5 DS-25 Assy, Maintenance and Operating Instructions (Excellent) - SOLD
  • DeTomaso Pantera by Dave & Linda Adler, Copyright 2006 (Mint) - SOLD

  • Hall Mark 8 Billet Wheels (17”, fronts are 8” wide, rears are 11” wide) with lug nuts and stylish color inserts – (black, silver or “turned”) - SOLD
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Rear sway bar no longer available.

The (stock?) front bar (and stock brackets) are still available.  $100 for the set of bar and 9 stock brackets (plus shipping).  The bar is black, needs cleanup, as do the brackets.

Dimensions are:

End to end: 39 1/2”

Stop to stop: 22 1/2”

Thickness: .865” (7/8“) diameter

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Would like to get $130…

7CAA152D-F669-464A-A694-F264F54E8FF4A8242C07-154D-42FD-A97A-EB03843220C3Anyway - I had to disassemble them (drilling off the rivets) so that I could get to the contacts, and polish those up.

Also had to make some new gaskets for the diaphragm to housing.

The points (contractors) are reattached with #8-32 screws with locktite & stop-nuts.

Then I shot them with a coat of paint, masking the important parts off.

Let me know what you think…  thanks for the interest!

My plan is to discuss the repair process in an upcoming POCA newsletter article….  You can’t find any YouTube videos on FIAMM horn repair (I couldn’t, at least!)


Images (2)
  • 7CAA152D-F669-464A-A694-F264F54E8FF4
  • A8242C07-154D-42FD-A97A-EB03843220C3

Digging through some boxes, and I realized I have multiple sets of taillights...

I have a pair of complete taillight assemblies with lenses, buckets, wiring, gaskets and all the hardware to attach the buckets to the car.  I think this should be worth $250 (plus shipping).

I also have a pair of just the stock Carello lenses (one is perfect, one has a small section of the chrome housing trim cracked off.  $90 for both (plus shipping).

Also have an original 3 prong flasher, that (only) works with incandescent bulbs. $10 (plus shipping).


Pantera_Tailights [1) (Large)Pantera_Tailights [2) (Large)Pantera_Tailights [3) (Large)Pantera_Tailights [4) (Large)Pantera_Tailights [5) (Large)

Pantera_Original_Flasher [1) (Large)Pantera_Original_Flasher [2) (Large)


Images (7)
  • Pantera_Original_Flasher (1) (Large)
  • Pantera_Original_Flasher (2) (Large)
  • Pantera_Tailights (1) (Large)
  • Pantera_Tailights (2) (Large)
  • Pantera_Tailights (3) (Large)
  • Pantera_Tailights (4) (Large)
  • Pantera_Tailights (5) (Large)

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