I have the blackout option on my pre-L. Is the black window trim just painted stainless? Could I strip the black paint off and polish and get the same effect as cars within the blackout option? Thanks.
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The blackout was not an "option" I am aware of on early Pantera's so it is likely a previous owner blacked it out and yes they were all stainless (except I seem to recall reading a few very early PB's may have been chromed) so you should be able to remove and polish.
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So I removed the paint and the trim was clearely scuffed for the paint to adhere. Is this salvageable with polish or it will need to be removed and chromed?


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Yes, that scuffed trim can be brought back to look like new provided you find someone skilled enough to make that happen.

The trim could also be chromed, but the first step would likely be polishing to a good clean metal, then copper filling, then the nickel and finally the chrome.

I would think that a good chrome shop could probably do the stainless restoration and you might want to approach such a shop first. They can probably refer you to someone else if this is out of their norm.

I do not think the trim could be polished with it still installed on the car. Removal of all the trim is quite a chore in itself. The windshield gasket trim cannot safely be removed from the windshield gasket unless the entire gasket/windshield assembly is removed. The trim is installed into the gasket prior to installing the assembly into the car. The trim has a J hook edge that locks it in place.

Good luck.

What about the chrome on the drip edge over the window? Isnt that one not supposed to be removed because of the roof structure?
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What about the chrome on the drip edge over the window? Isnt that one not supposed to be removed because of the roof structure?

The stainless trim can easily be removed without drama. What you are thinking of is the steel pinch weld beneath the trim.

Sorry to interrupt this post, but my trim is black and to remove and fit, it was very difficult for me at least, maybe my fingers are just too old.

But I lost the very small screws that hold a couple of the trim pieces in place. I can't find any that would do the job despite looking almost everywhere, do you know where they can be purchased please.
best Peter
I have recently acquire a 1971 red pantera #1725
the exterior trim is black. Is this original? The black trim looks original but others seem to indicate all trim was orignally stainless or chrome. Someone repainted the bumpers red to match the car. I would like to either paint them black or start the process or converting back to chrome.
Exterior trim was chrome/stainless from the factory. I would go back to chrome on the bumpers. The chrome bumperettes really set off the red nicely.
My cars trim is Black but its a Euro spec GTS, I don't know if this was done at the factory.

Mat, Thanks for the blind rivet tip, I have only just noticed it.

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