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Good Evening,

I ordered new console switches and started installing today.  It appears the previous owner had wiring issues as some of the colors and connections don't match the factory wiring diagrams.

Does anyone know if the large resistor mounted on the side of heater/AC box is the actual blower motor resistor referenced in the attachment?

The resistor has a Green and Black wires and was attached to my old fan blower switch.  If this is indeed the blower motor resistor it would need a physical connection to the blower motor according to the wiring diagram.

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  • Heater Resistor Wiring
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your green wire is the black wire in the diagram. it comes from the low fan position on the switch  

One of your two black wires takes the + 12 V to the motor, and the other black wire is the red wire in the diagram, and it goes to the high position on the fan switch

A continuity tester, and/or a multimeter will be your friend in tracing the wires


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