Mangustas were being built before there was such a thing as a Boss 302. Mangusta production was winding down when the '69 Boss 302's were in the showroom.

You have experience with the 302's don't you Ron? They are no longer than a standard 302 Windsor, but the big square Cleveland head makes them wider.

cowboy from hell
Shorter then a Cleveland. The block plus the waterpump are the difference.
The 8.2 Windsor blocks are about the most compact v-8s you will find.
A Boss 302 in a Mangusta isn't the way to go. Build a 347 or better yet a 355 Probe and kick some very serious butt.
Keep the outters all stock, port the hell out of the heads, run a 2x4 trans-am intake with two 600 holleys, 450hp and 450ft-lbs at 4000rpm.
Who needs a big ugly C?
When swapping engines in a 'Goose, its not engine length that causes trouble, its the fact that the 289/302 smallblock in the 'Goose came with machined bosses on the top of the right side intake manifold to provide a place for the jackshaft to bolt down. Sure, Boss heads on a 302 will fit great, but then you're faced with building up those mounting bosses- or finding another way of powering the A/C and alternator that normally run off the jackshaft. The 302 intake will not fit the radically different Boss heads and since Boss 302s were never supplied for 'Gooses, there is no commercial intake for this combination. The adaption to Boss heads in a 'Goose has been done (Steve Liebenow's blue '69 has one) but frankly, its not worth the trouble. FWIW, the neatest, most elegant swap I've yet seen in a 'Goose is a late 5.0 EFI-equipped Mustang engine with the 'Goose-specific block fittings swapped over. Of the several running around So-Cal, reportedly the only problem comes from adapting the jackshaft (again!) to the EFI intake and a minor interference at the edge of the access door- corrected with a small grinder.
I would hope that other intakes are not to difficult to adapt. The iron 68 302 4v intake is not a good one at all.

I couldn't help but notice that there are no air injector ports on the heads.

That engine must have been adapeted from the 68 4v intended for the automatic transmission.
All domestic manual transimission 68 302's had air injector ports.

Dennis, what is the date of production? Is it a 67 with a 289 in it?

I need to know. I just got asked this on the test.
Blower jackshafts run under the headers to the back, and on a Mangusta, most have the cast aluminum bellhousing accessory supports for A/C and alternator on opposite sides of the bellhousing. I've seen one 'Goose bellhousing with only one cast support on the right, so if you had that type, I guess it would be a little easier to design something that fits. I'm not real sure you could rig a low-mounted jackshaft to miss motormounts and fuel pump on the left side while taking advantage of the single-pedestal-on-rt-side bellhousing. Personally, I would TIG on some lumps of aluminum on an intake of my choice, and machine them down, then drill & tap to duplicate the factory setup- less the center support which IMHO causes alignment trouble and probably isn't necessary. FWIW, Steve's setup on his Boss 302 is built this way and whoever did it used a heavy looking 1" thick jackshaft with 2 supports compared to the thinner stock unit with 3 supports.
Boy Howdy! I can sure tell when I haven't been paying attention to this board for a while!!!!

I'm not sure if I should fix this post, or just delete it, as there IS SOOOOOOOO much "missinformation" in here I can't stand it!!!!

First: No, Boss 302's were NEVER a consideration for the Goose. Horrible fit. Too many issues to list.....but with a welder, anything is possible.

2cnd: Boss 302 is based upon a regular 302 Windsor, so is NOT shorter. You can put Boss 302 heads on any 260-289-302 block. Will bolt right up. A more correct statement would be "taller than a regular 302" due to the height of the intake manifold. Perhaps that is what Marlin meant in the first place..... When I hear shorter, I think "no firewall interference!"

3rd: George: Mangusta production continued well into 1971, AFTER Boss 302 Mustangs were gone from the floors of the dealerships! You got it backwards! Goose "production" started in 68. Some chassis's were produced earlier, but Serial #008 has windows all dated early 1968, so it was not shipped in 67...only started...Anyway, a car produced in late 67 would be a 68 vehicle by US norms..... Boss 302 engineering work was being done in 68 with the rare tunnelport project. Now that is an engine that WOULD fit in a Goose!

4th: Two 600's on a SBF? How about 2-450's?

5th: 351C Ex. manifolds are not physically the same as Boss 302's. Port size is about the only thing that is the same. The Cleveland manifolds will fit, but won't fit a stock Boss 302 configuration in a normal chassis.... Close, but no cigars.... As long as you're not worried about Thoroughbred judging, you could probably get away with running 70 4V exhausts. 71+ versions changed again.... But you'd be doing custom exhaust header pipe.

6th: What's wrong with a stock 302 4V intake? With the proper carb spacer, they work fine up to the end of your camshaft! Intakes were never a limitation in a Goose. It was valve springs....probably piston material too....

7th: Air injection ports-heads: Some have 'em, some don't depending on where the engine came from. 70 manual trans motors did not get air injection! Nor did industrial motors. I've only ever seen two or three smog equipped cars so far.

8th: Goose motors were NOT automatic versions. Engine tags I have found show them to be regular production 302-4V STD transmission versions. These came with a stock Ford stick flywheel....carb numbers and distributor numbers confirm this on numbers matching cars I've seen. (Not many still around!)

9th: Time for chow!!!! Quit spreading so many half truths! You're killin' me!

I'll try and visit more often! Email me if you need help...I'll try my best.
accobra, (Steve correct me if I'm wrong), Dual points distributors are fine if you are going for concours restoration in a Mustang, in the case of the Goose, get a Pertronic ignition of Ford duraspark set-up, better fire, no points, easy to install and affordable.
I think there is an acho in here ? LOL

I say the same the DS is 100% better and I ran the same 428CJ in a SS Comet and never even a Hickup ....but that was a FMS System with a 6A box and a rev limiter ..the 6A box was MSD painted blue by FMS. THE OTHER MAJOR THING WAS ITW AS NOT MOUNTED NEAR AND HOT SURFACE ...i mounted it on the dash board.

Do you have any source for the RED DS box ?

Another question ... I have 2 FMS Racing Distr with tach drive ... is a 302 distr the same as a 351W ?



A little confusing ... I have a 70 b2 thats is 100% original ..not restored yet... I need a few parts steel wheels and a set of original exhaist manifolds. My conversation here was simple ..did a B2 come in a Mangusta ..I aksed this because I had seen more then one where people mentioned them ... it seems the B2 was being developed when the mangusta was debuting and the B2 was being put to rest in 71 ... for the record they did make 1 71 B2 ... so lets just say they rane together in the stable.

I am running the Duraspark in the Pantera and a Petronix in my Shelby. I have found both to be very reliable.

I am an anti MSD person. I have found that MY replacement rate on them was alarming and was irrelevant to where they were located. They seem to have an alarm clock in them whereby they just shut themselves off, never to ignite again.

If you are a racer then that would effect you less since the nature of a race car is just to constantly be changing parts in the car and you likely wouldn't ever notice that the brain's only last about a year.

I am going to go to IR FI with the pantera and use a Haltec CPU. Haltec has given me a patch in diagram for the Ford TFS and when I get to it I will get the Duraspark patch from them also. THEN I will find out how adaptable the Duraspark is. Haltec keeps saying that it will work fine. I always get nervous at the "no problem" comments people make though. Big Grin

As far as a Boss 302 in a 'goose I am guessing that the hassle is the accessories hook-ups in the car.

Personally I thik I would stay with the original 302 block, heads, dampener, etc and go to a 347 stroker with an aluminum flywheel. Race port the heads and mabe try the Weber IDF carbs in it. That would sure give everybody a heck of a'goose for sure. Big Grin

(Sorry, this got LONG...but I do that...)

I don't have any FMS gear at all. Like I said, I'm a true blue DuraSpark user, just because you can get parts out of just about any 70's station wagon or truck on the side of the road, and get your butt down the road. Diagnosis is simple.... screwdriver and a spare sparkplug.... (screwdriver to hit the distributor with!)

I've spent too much time under OGH's! (Other guy's hoods!) with MSD issues, whether its the same ol' "my tach doesn't work" or my car won't start.....all a MPITA! The MSD's won't run under 9V. They hate bad connections, either power or ground!!! If you run one, carry a 10ft jumper wire for trouble shooting....and a volt meter.

With a DuraSpark, if you have any voltage to it down to about 6V, you can push your car and it will fire!

I put one of the blue (strain relief) modules in my Goose and with a Motorsports mech. only advance dist. I set initial timing at about 26 degrees. (Yes you read that right!) During crank, the module retards the spark 10 degrees, so puts my cranking advance at about 16 degrees....factory spec for a Boss 2 timing setting! Pops off (if carb isn't dry) in 1-2 turns of the motor! NEVER used to do that on points.....crank and crank and crank.....

351W dist is taller due to taller deck height. Gears are also different diameter....I think. Not 100% on that one..... certainly for a 351C they are.

Didn't mean to sound ugly about the B2 thing.... Smiler It's just that the same rumors keep coming around and around about Boss's and Gooses.... and then you have the people that "claim" that their engine is a Boss.... Since you have a Boss Stang, you know the story.....

The B2 in a Goose is REALLY an ugly thing. PO's of my car put in a spare TA motor from a Fresno based 70 privateer car, street parts, not the "special" ones... MONSTER compression, o-ringed heads, early H-beams, zero balanced.... did some real boner stuff too...but that could have been the 3rd owner who decompressed it (was horrible to drive!) and rebuilt the jackshaft bracket in steel.

Original builders choked down this B2 which had beautifully ported heads, D1ZX roller conversions for the rockers, by putting 2V exhaust header flanges on the headers!!!! 4V flange/pipes would not fit without cutting the frame badly....ugh! So the car just would not get out of it's own way! (I'll try and find a pic' to post.)

Once I found this out, PLUS had prob's with the o-ring thing....I sold the entire top end to a racer from Mississippi, bought some Aussie 2V heads from PowerHeads in LA, dropped on a streetboss intake, and never looked back! Car now has great low end manners and revs until the valves float when the cam runs out at about 6500....(by design) I'm chicken about scattering jackshaft pulleys and parts..... they're spinning faster than the crank......and the pulleys are all cast iron.....steel would be better....! Smiler Besides, 6500 in 5th is probably above 140 or so...and the front of a Goose gets REAL lite above 135ish.....don't really need to go there in stock form....

Now, there is another guy here that bought a converted car to B2 power. You're gonna hate this...... In addition to cutting the frame and widening it for proper exhaust clearance (very NICE job I must say....) instead of building headers.....sit down.... they hacked up the factory B2 manifolds and welded them back together to direct the exhaust more back, then down......! Told you you'd hate it!

These are the only two cars that I know of where this transplant has taken place. Others may have Boss2 bottom ends, but they are running regular heads so that you don't run into the restricted exhaust issue.

I finally get to dyno the car tomorrow (club event) and now that I have my rev limiter fixed (original stupid wrong valve springs installed (Bad PowerHeads, no biscuit!)) I can see what it will do.

After this, teh B2 motor is slated to come out for a roller 331" '92 based 5.0 block, with Y303 AL heads and a modified Performer 289 intake, so that I can (hopefully!) run a stock air cleaner. They took cool air from the rear of the car for a reason!!!! B2 then will get new rings, maybe new slugs to put the compression back up.....and get stuffed into a resto rod'd 1970 XR7...fully loaded, scheduled for a factory type power sunroof, TKO 5spd,rear discs, and a Sublime Green paint job throughout the entire car. No black engine compartment.....ack! In time......!


Your Duraspark should work well with the aftermarket FI. I believe that I have heard of this being done on many fronts already.

The Boss does not fit well in a Goose. It is too tall, PO's hacked up my rear engine shields...! Requires drop down air cleaner, open element...perhaps you saw my lament about my stupid air cleaner element adventures this year in Vegas..... And then there's the header thing I mentioned above....customizing the jackshaft.... That's why I'm doing the 331. 347 is getting into that territory where you exceed the design of the chassis "as built". You seriously need to revisit all of the bulkhead and suspension gussets, and reinforce them.... weeeeenie, in my books. I just enjoy driving the car (briskly!) with the old lady. Don't need a lot of power, as speed limit is designed into the car... Just a good running reliable set of wheels is all I want....that looks GREAT!

Webers? Nah. Good looks, but unless you run the right cam, just asking for an explosion! Goose on ebay now with Webers, well sorted by PO's. only $125K! Say what!?

Ciao all! Have a great weekend!!!
FWIW, Steve, before you joined Nor-Cal, ex-member Rob Casey had a yellow '69 'Goose with a set of unique headers that looked like boat-zoomies; they came up and around parallel to the ground, nearly to the engine covers, above the a-arms then out thru holes in the rear screen. Can't remember if it was a Boss or not but the system worked better than it sounds here..... Rob's now living in Arizona somewhere. Had a matching yellow Pantera, too.
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