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I thought it had been shared before but it seems not.  Mark Charlton did an amazing interview with one of the PR guys. See the video here.

1971 DeTomaso Pantera | Classic Car | - YouTube

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I on the other hand did a photo session with a local photographer back in 2015. Today I get a call from an acquaintance that my car is in the paper?????? What paper I ask? Old Autos. Here are a couple pictures. I will scan better copies when I get the original. A couple of items in the article, but great brand visibility.IMG_1224IMG_1225IMG_1226


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Mark, what an awesome video, what a beautiful car, and what an amazing garage. I think KWIXOTIC is a little more than an itch (after seeing that beautifully pure, chrome bumpers car you first bought with just those rear wheels changed, I burst out laughing at this part of the talk!), and can't wait to see those Mangusta engine covers on the whole car...

Denis, surprising, 26 Mangustas sold in Canada...Do you know them all?

(and ps. Mark we share the same barber So good to put a face with the name and the cars, great to hear you talk about these cars).

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