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I've attached an image, and a website - do any of these style felt proofing materials look correct? I'm assuming what's fitted in the image is correct?

Also, the what I'm assuming to be asbestos heat proof panels on the inner arches near the exhaust manifolds, is there a good solution for them? Were they white originally? As always, correct factory look is desired!




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Chris, hoping you can tell us (!), the bitumen/felt panels seem about impossible to find, maybe more-so in the US than in Europe. Hardest to match seems to be the fully saturated panels on left/right of the engine bay, and the choice you have here are about as good as I have seen for carpet underlay.  It seems that bitumen in the interior even became illegal in some places (Australia). I've seen some Mercedes/Fiat places in Europe that hint at having near-misses of bitumenfilzmatten. But otherwise, bitumen seems to be targeted at big orders for construction, I could not finding a friendly source in the US.

Yes, the heat panels are white asbestos under an aluminum frame. I ended up using solid aluminum panels only---getting the original look on the centers would be an exceptional touch.

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...When I needed a Heat-shield for a Reserve tank, Near the Headers, on the Passenger side...I went to Target, and picked up a 'Cookie sheet', they happen to be 'asbestos' or a ceramic, sandwiched in-between 2 aluminum sheets. They Come in Small, Medium and Large Sizes, and are quit Inexpensive! They Insulate VERY WEll ! And NO Body Knows where they came from.


Mike, I have looked for years and can find nothing better. I finally went with rubber on the engine sides, but have always wished for something that had a little more rigidity, or -something- there.

For the interior, I used just a very high quality felt (an $$ SAE grade F3 from Aetna...and yes, it was news to me that Wool Felt is graded by SAE for industrial qualities, like the ability to endure being soaked in oil, or be machined...). My impression--for carpet underlay, F3 felt seems pretty badass...! Don't know how else to describe.

Getting something that is really original for the engine bay seems impossible (at least, the heat engine shields were a very dense and completely saturated felt, more like a composite board....and though it seems that bitumen soaked material is common for building construction/concrete expansion joints, just not available thru the channels us car guys look...

  Almost anything  else in this class today seems to be an Okay felt adhered to a fluid barrier (rubber or PVC)...

...and one possibility for the engine bay is to splurge on the felt and glue the super-available Dynamat~kind of layer/seal on top--and even, work tar in around the perimeter. You don't need all that much in the engine bay, just a yard should be enough. The wool will last as long as any sweater your aunt ever gave you...Even in the stress of Texas weather.

  The "hardura" here is also pointed to by Chris' reference, but there at twice the price. I sampled one of the , if you can find it in the garage there with all my mail...! Lee

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