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Many of you know from my Facebook post that I've taken over the cable shifter product from SACC Restorations (Scott Bell). I'll be offering the kit again shortly.

The cost of the shifter has risen due to inflation and cost of building them. Currently the shifter and ZF adapter will be $650 each or $1300 together, minus cables. Cables are easily ordered or I can also supply them. If you're interested, please PM me. The cable shifter eliminates misalignment from engine movement and sticky shifting from old trunnion bearings or U-joints. It also makes engine swaps easier.

More pictures and info to come.


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@coreyprice posted:


No, it uses a different setup. I'm guessing you want to keep the look of your car with the gated shifter?


Yes, you are correct. I never saw the details of the SAAC shifter set up installation and although their shift handle assembly is pretty it was also the deterrent.

It is entirely possible that I overthink everything but a leopard can't change it's spots.

What I need to see is a detailed installation manual along with the additional parts I need like the cables. Then I need to digest it. Probalby score some Rolaids for the indigestion? Then OOO, OOO, OOO! I need this thing happens? Sad but true.

Apparently I am overly anal - lictic?

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Hi Cory,

I bought the ZF adapter plate and cables for my Superformance GT40 from Scott a couple years ago, and never used them. Will the cable length work in a Pantera? I am now going to install it in my 72 Pantera so just need the shifter portion. Got this picture from the CNC website. How much just the the shifter? Thanks, Ed



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