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So I have recently started working on our car since my arthritis has subsided a bit. First I started on carb again and the fuel pick-up and the leak from overflow bottle. So it starts great now and has a decent idle from the carb I bought. Skipping to the issue which is the brakes. I went to move it out of the garage for the first time in almost 2 years and the brakes a dragging a lot. So I ran the car forward and back a few times and it got a bit better. I stopped before I screw up something else and cause more work. So any ideas on if its ok to run it up and down the driveway? If the brakes dont release more whats my course of action? I am doing like 5 things at once and the wife is totally laughing at me. I am pretty happy about how its running right now even though it doesnt go more then 15 feet. 

  I wanted to get it working 2 years ago. I even call Jay Leno to see if he would help. He called me back and told me how to fix the first thing on my list which was the fuel pump. I already knew how to do that, my issue was I could not move my hands very good nor hold on to a wrench. Anyway he must have too much money to help anyone. Damn the fuel pump was not that hard but really not fun.

yeah need to get those brakes free so I can drive it down the street lol.

Of course while I was doing all this stuff I also saw I need a new front seal since there was oil all over the front of the harmonic balancer. The HB will get replaced too since it looks like it was  separating. Wife says to stop looking at it.

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I think what damage has been done to your car’s brake system has already been done, and you are going to have to address it all at sometime in the future.

apparently, the brakes are still functioning as you didn’t say you had rolled out into the street from your driveway escapades.

if that is the case, I think you can ……..with much caution‼️…….. safely take a drive up and down your block to better judge the current condition of everything. If you go faster than 15 mph, you are going too fast, IMHO. remember, it just takes one very rusty brake line that fails on the fourth pedal pump to put you in a not nice situation.

The pistons in the stock calipers were chrome plated and subject to falling apart after 50 years, so be prepared for major repairs or aftermarket upgrades.

Baby steps. Tackling too many things at once may serve to only increase your frustrations.

as for your disappointment that JAY didn’t come over to help you in your project, I am disappointed Ed McMahon never showed up on my front porch with my $10 million.



Piston seize from varnish build-up as well as semi-metallic brake pads rust-bonding to the rotors. If the car moves at all- which you said happened- then at least the rotors are (now) free. Brake calipers can be rebuilt at home, at very low cost and very high labor expended. This is one of the sloppiest jobs one can undertake on a Pantera. If you've seen it done it before, plan on all day to disassemble, clean, reassemble and bleed. If this is the 1st time, it'll take several days-perhaps a week. Also plan on getting filthy.

Basically, one removes each caliper in turn and totally strips it without separating the caliper halves. With varnish-seized pistons, an air compressor or Porta-Power jack may be adapted to force a stuck piston out. Rebuild kits are available from our vendors. Once a caliper is stripped of its pistons, you may find a row of rust pits that CANNOT be resealed, so that piston must be replaced. There are 10.

If you're simply physically not up to the brute force approach or you don't feel lucky, one shop that specializes in rebuilt Girlings (front and rear) is Pantera Parts Connection in Carson City NV. He accepts unbroken stock calipers on an exchange basis. Call or e-mail Larry for info & prices. There is a web site.

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