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Hi everybody, do any of you guys have ccw classics on your pantera? Im having the whole group 4 conversion done on my car and i'm set on going with ccw classics as my wheel choice. I think the wheels are absolutely beautiful. Now, my question to everybody is, what is the proper backspacing for these wheels? Im set on 17x8 in the front and 17x11 in the rear, i just need to know what backspacing i should order. Im in southern california and CCW is in florida. The last thing i want to do is order the wrong size wheels and have to pay to ship them back, or eat the cost. I also don't want to order wheels and not be able to properly get the flares over them.
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The wheels you are ordering are narrow body widths, Group 4 would normaly be 10" and 13" widths.

There are some varying opinions on the backspacing, I went for the same as my GT5 which are the same as the original campi wide body wheels at 4.625" front and 4.75" rear.

There's a recent thread discussing the same question here;

Hello cybr7678x I am running CCWheel's LM20 s on the gt-5 conversion. My suggestion would be to call CCW and see if they do business with any car shops in your area, ask them to provide you with a name of the local expert who can measure your car and help you select the proper back spacing. Also, if your car is a "driver" and not a go to shows only type. I would consider how to clean these aluminum wheels..... that "Classic" style has got a lot of nooks and crannies that will make cleaning them more time consuming. I believe that the "shells" are simply polished and buffed but not clear coated. If you are going to "track" the car, be sure to coat the wheels with something that will protect the finish from the rotor, brake dust and rain combination. My experiance is that the guys at CCW are actually very good and will work with you. good Luck............. Doug.H
First off,welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. How about some photos of your car when you get the chance?

Second, as others here can attest to, I can be pretty blunt at times. Please don't let the following answer upset you. I do mean well. Wink

I'm going with 8 and 11" width because i like the readily available tire selections.

That is sort of like looking for a quarter (that you lost at midnight in the middle of the block) all the way down at the corner because the streetlight there helps you see better.

Seriously, if you stick with such narrow wheels, on a Group 4 flared car, you will wind up with either of two looks, neither good - IMHO.

First look will will have wheels with a proper looking offset sitting waaay back in the flared wheel wells.

Second look will have funny-looking offset wheels that at least do come out to the edge of the flares.

Do you KNOW you have ever seen such narrow wheels mounted on a Group 4 car? If you have, and you liked the look, then go for it.

But every Group 4 I've ever seen avoided both the above issues by using wider wheels.

Just my 2¢


For example, here is a functional wheel that somehow doesn't look quite right... Wink


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If you want to go with 17" wheels, there are plenty of wider tires that would allow you to run something like a 9.5 or 10" front wheel and 12.5 or 13" rear.

Going with 8 and 11 inch wide wheels and getting them to fit and look properly under what I assume you are using are "true" Group IV flares will have your offsets to nearly zero (which is not good at all) or the wheels will be so far inset from the flare edge that the look will be ridiculous.

Best to reconsider why you would ever flare your car and then run narrow body rims?

I am on 10" front and 13" rears with 4.8" and 5.0" backspacing which isn't enough to fill the flare out.

Are you in fact flaring your car with Group IV flares?
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