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...A few photos, can't find one photo I need for this Writing. (to follow)

This Chinooks weight limit, on the Hook, was 12,000 pounds (6 Tons) This Sling load was Over-Loaded too Much at 14,000 pounds 7 Tons. And we are carrying 7200 pounds Of JP-4 Fuel. This is the Load we had to Drag 100 Yards to gain 'Transitional Lift'. The Pilot has to 'ask' the Crewchief Permission before going to WEP 'War Emegency Power'!! We Had the strongest ship in the fleet of 15. 2 New Engines, Normally run at 110%. These were boosted to 120%+. 6, 27 Foot Rotor Blades revving to 300+ 'Rotor RPM'...Unbelievable But, So Amazing! If It's going to Break, it will break now!

My Reply..."Sir, If You Don't Crank-Up the Throttle, I'll come up and Do It For You!" "I'll see You on the 'Other Side'!" Thank You Chief.

Pics/ Firebase Alfa. More to follow. In the net, Small tubes are 105mm Artillary Shells, the Larger Cases are 155mm Shells. The Wooden crates are Shell Fuses and Hand Grenades. Whose Brave Now? NO Cowards on this Flight!

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Original Post

...ah, it was just Routine. We did it Dozens of times. The Load was 'Only' (6) tons, though. HE...'High Explosives'.

I need to define, in Greater Detail, the episode of going to 'War Emergency Power', in a Chinook Helicopter!!

...(6) 27 Foot Rotor Blades on (2) 4' Diameter Rotor Heads, makes for Twin 59 Foot Diameter 'Screws'. They Normally operate at 270 Rotor RPM, the Pilot Cranked the Twin GE Turbo-Shaft Engines way up to 320 RPM Plus!

The Engines Running at 120+%, were just 'Screaming' at the Highest Deafening Pitch, Not for 'Mercy', but with a Great Pride of Athourity! (one reason why I have Tennetis to this day)

The 6 Counter Rotating Blades were ROARING, as was unbelievable, Making the Ground Shake, before with left it, as in a Earthquake. Splitting the Sky with a Irresistible Power, The ROAR!! The Center of the Spine with-in the Ship, was Bent, Curved Downward by the Massive Over-Weight. I thought a Prayer.

Dragging the Net-Load forward along the Ground, for Yards, to Create That 'Transitional Lift', I watch it through the 'Hole', as it Begins to Smoke! As we break ground, and in the Air (see Photo), I am ready at the Hooks' Manual 'Release' Handle...if I see Flames, I will Warn the Pilot as I Drop The Load!

My thoughts...'This is one Badassed Mother FN, Bitch!! You Did it Babi!' Thank You LORD.

We make it to Firebase 'Bravo', (New Base, No Guns there Yet) and set the Load down as Softly as a 'Cotton Ball'. One shot from a RPG, or Any Gun...I would Not be here Writing this!


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