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Yes, it is, It was on Ebay. No VIN yet, owner was to have sent me extra pictures, specs, and VIN number but nothing for two weeks. Auction is over for now, I was high bid but below his reserve. Trying to get a local's opinion before hopping on a plane from Chicago to inspect. I'm trying to contact owner to get requested info. He wasn't to forth coming when I first talked to him.s-l1600 [2)s-l1600 [17)s-l1600s-l1600 [9)


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I'm trying to remember.  I think they are Recaro LX seats.  I used to have the original boxes but used the boxes to ship other seats.  So can't check.  The seats are black leather.  The brackets and seats sit as low as the original seats.  Actually, my car had Hall GT5 seats in it before these.  Sits as low as the Hall seats.

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