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I have a '74 Pantera (narrow body). The previous owner rebuilt the front suspension & steering rack and put poly bushings with Zerk fittings. The rear bushings are very worn stock. I am running Aldan Double-adjustable aluminum-bodied shocks on all four corners with 550# springs in rear and 450# springs in front on softest rebound/compression settings. The car is used mostly for street and I have stock 15" Campys (8's and 7's) with Dunlop Z-rated rubber. My rear suspension has loosened up due to the worn bushings and I plan on rebuilding it soon. At some point, I will repalce the stock Campys with 17" wheels, so I was thinking that while I had it apart, it would make sense to spend a few extra dollars and buy your adjustable upper rear A-Arms. Since I have poly bushings up front, should I defintely go with poly in the rear? If so, which would work best given the above information? I will be sending the lower control arms to a US vendor for removal of the old bushings.

How do I go about purchasing your A-Arms? Certified check?


Price is now 495.00 Euro for the set. 1 Euro = 1.45 Dollar today.

WOW, a whopping $720 plus shipping, that's a big increase over the introductory price of $450 for us US guys. I was going to get a set but have to say the price is now prohibitive.
This concerns me, as I could have easily sent off money to get some made, and as quick as that they close up and vanish ( with my money !)

Paul, If he had your money, he would gladly ship you the parts.

Roland has always, shall we say, been very sensitive.

But his button seems to have really been pushed this time, over some honest talk about his pricing.

I'm sure he is still in business, and while mad at us American's for speaking our mind, will still do business with us - and you Aussies, too. Wink

I think he is just frustrated at the inabilaty to be price competative here in the US.
The hammering that the dollar is taking from the Euro doesn't help anybody that I know of. Certainly the US containing most of the Pantera production is even more difficult to swallow.

In Europe he doesn't need to be competative. You need the part, he's got it. Simple.

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