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So, we’ve received the engine back for 1044 from the engine builders, used at the customers request. We asked for them to supply a clutch with the engine, an easy task for a Ford engine specialist right? Original clutch went with the engine.

Fast forward 7 months (original build time 6-8 weeks) and the clutch supplied is incorrect. Too short by around 3/4”, and incorrect spline size. No problem I thought, we’ve a GT40 continuation here with a RBT ZF box that needs a clutch. That’ll be the same won’t it? No it’s not!

I’ve now said I’ll source the clutch. Can someone point me in the right direction of who to use? Supplied clutch was a McLeod, which I was happy with the quality of. I’m just unsure of what exactly is needed, if they supply one to suit the spline size on the gearbox.

Final spanner in the works is they’ve supplied a flywheel, balanced with the new engine. The original clutch cover doesn’t fit the flywheel!

Any suggestions for a reputable supplier would be great!


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Apparently you have a -1 ZF as would have been original to such an early car.  They use a modified 10-spline (basically Chevy) clutch.  The -1 bellhousing also differs some in internal clearances, which changes some of the parts options.  Assuming it's a -1, it has a shorter input shaft that requires a crankshaft extension piece inserted into the center of the flywheel/crank.  -1s typically run needle roller pilot bearings.  The supplied/balanced flywheel bolt pattern difference is something I would definitely recommend a Pantera vendor help you address.  I suspect they can also guide you on 3-finger or Centerforce style pressure plates (Centerforce generally has a lighter pedal pressure) to mate and clear the bellhousing, as well as the largest disk and material to best match your HP.  I bought my last -1 disk and probably pressure plate from Precision ProFormance owned by the late Bob Byars.  Don Byars at is probably your closest link at this point, or I think they formerly sourced their parts mostly from the same sources as Hall.  I have had good dealings with Dennis Quella at Pantera Performance Center including -1 clutch.  Never had clutch dealings with PPC (Larry Stock) nor Panteras by Wilkinson (Steve Wilkinson), but I'm sure they're all knowledgeable.

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Confusion indeed. If I remember correctly, on a pushbutton Pantera, (its properly called a 'dash-1-1/2' ZF by Lloyd Butfoy. The dash-1 is a Mangusta ZF. The 'dash-0' ZF is a GT-40)  the dash-1 & dash 1-1/2  ZFs use a 1" /10 spline disc while the ZF dash-2 uses a 1-1/16"/ 10 spline. So on an early ZF, both discs will physically fit the clutch input spline but one will be a quite sloppy fit & take a lot of adjustment to work. On a dash-2 ZF input shaft, the early 1"/ 10 spline disc will not fit at all. And the discs come in 11" OD and 10-1/2" OD (for Mustangs).

Be careful with Centerforce clutches- they sell a 'heavy duty' pressure plate which on even a late linkage-assisted Pantera, will be awfully stiff in spite of their reputation for light pedal pressure. Be sure someone didn't look at your Pantera, think 'monster engine/race car' and order the heavy duty racing unit. Good clutch but impossible to drive around town; competition only. Centerforce also uses different bolt attach sizes and I think a different bolt pattern so you need a redrilled or aftermarket flywheel which they recommend with all their assemblies. A vendor will be helpful- maybe vital.

Ok call Dom at Mardi Gras Motorsport, they supplied me a Helix Cover and Drive plate, 01327 858006, they are Nr Daventry.  As Bosswrench said there are 2 spline sizes so best you give them your old clutch plate.  Although ours was a bigger size and think the sizes are 1 1/16 and 1 1/8th.  My order No is 15295 if he needs to cross -reference.
The Helix clutch has a different PCD so you'll need flywheel redrilled.  

All in its about 750 quid.  It's an organic centre plate.  

There is also a guy known here (Paul Fleming) who rebuilt my Trans and all he does are the ZF boxes mainly for racers if you need any further help on transmission front.


Also used in the dash 1-1/2 ZF in pushbutton Panteras with the 2-window bellhousing.  That ZF uses a Pantera differential section with a Mangusta transmission flipped upside down & swapped ring gear position. Only about 250 transition ZFs like this were built until ZF caught up. They used the low Mangusta gearing- good for acceleration but 145 mph top end and terrible fuel mileage. All described in the corporate Ford papers in the POCA Archives

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