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My slave cylinder bit the bullet and sprayed brake fluid all over my painted engine bay. Paint was fairly easy to repair, but now I'm concerned with the free play adjustment.
While awaiting delivery of a new long throw slave, I removed the old slave cylinder (had to use a persuader = hammer) and am preparing for installation of the new unit.
Can the free play adjustment be made without the slave cylinder installed?
How much force is required to move the arm?
With a pair of vice grips to assist me, I am only able to get .001" clearance at the stop and it takes quite a bit of force. I also cannot "feel" any type of engagement. The return spring IS disconnected.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Thanks for the response. After much research of past posts, I was able to understand the process. It seems that my car was adjusted to have no free play and as a result, I could not move the clutch arm without bending the stop bar.
I ended up removing the clutch arm from the splined shatf and rotated it back one spline. Ahh, I then had some free play. Adjustments from that point were rather straight forward. All works well.
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