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Now that the trunk is looking like it should, the clutch master cylinder packed it in….(I knew it would as it is only thing not replaced in hydraulic brake/clutch stuff) As the linkage pin is stuck solid after circlip removal, i’ll remove the whole pedal assembly. Best I can tell is studs on top and four bolt/nuts on the bottom?? Since I bought the car, I need less sessions at the chiropractor. I am stretching and using muscles that have not been active for 60 years.


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It looks like it is four studs and three bolts.  I remove the gas pedal and brake booster before pulling the pedal box.  It comes out easier with a helper in the cabin guiding the pedals around obstacles.  Before reinstalling you might want to notch the car's sheetmetal to ease the installation.  Here is a posting about the notches.  I have notches on both sides.

...To Remove a Stuck PIN, after overnight with WD-40.

Use the Smallest of 'C' Clamps, with a smaller pin at the Screw End, And, use small socket at the opposing end, for Clearance, to move the Pin, INTO! The Clamp will Drive it out!

It's best if you take the seat out. Lay on your back with a LED Flashlight....Get Comfortable!

The Power of the 'Screw'...Inclined Plane. One of the 7 Mechanical Devices.


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