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I am second generation, doing Panteras since 1977 … we just set yet another world record ...  $145k for a chrome bumper car, sold live on stage for the whole world to see  ... 

Pantera Miami


From Debbie and I … congratulations.

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Completely different animal. One an original 'L' with 17k miles in my personal fav color, VS a ~restored~ with modern components [done tastefully] chrome bumper car. But like you say Gilles, the numbers don't lie. 

Kissimmee 6 weeks back. I sell there annually. Last year was my GTS shown on top of this page. S224 last year, S164 year before that. I have no competition. Always 6 figure sales but I make-em perfect so nobody can 'pick' at anything on stage.

With the advent of electric power steering, adding it to a Pantera has become fairly common. You'll find lots of info here in the forums. 

The Mecum sales are reported with buyer premium included so $132K all in, but like all good fishing stories $145K sounds much better! 

FYI to Norm and others

In years gone by, Steve Wilkinson did a few "hydraulic" power steering conversions, and even a few automatic transmission conversions.

But perhaps his conversion I liked the best was the dual pane rear window.

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