Any ideas how I can get this level (straight) at home?


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You might be able to rotate the muffler if you loosen the bolts where it attaches to the header or heat and bend it. If all else fails take it to a muffler shop and have them bend it back.
You could try sticking steel pipes up the exhaust tips and carefully try to lever it. But you will need to be carefull not to bend the tips themselves. But you will be surprised how easy it will be to twist the exhaust.
Try and manipulate the hanging strap first. What about using a pipe wrench at the strongest point of the tube being careful not to crush it. Bending at the tip sounds scary.
The tips are quite strong and were not a problem for me. My exhaust was being forced upwards and sidewards, I just stepped on the tips to take the stress off. I thought it might need heat but it didn't and was surprisingly easy. I may have sphincter blinked a few time though!

I was also thinking daxter that you could attach with rope or similar a pipe sideways to where the tips go into the muffler box. That will give you the strength and leverage to twist the pipe with maximum strength.
1. Loosen the bolts at the flange that connects the exhaust to the header, and also loosen the exhaust hangar where it bolts to the muffler.
2. Place a floor jack and block of wood under the muffler and raise your jack to level the muffler and hold it in position.
3. Tighten the bolts you loosened on the exhaust pipe and header flange, and on the muffler hangar. Note that the muffler hangar has some adjustability in the slotted hole on the muffler.

This is the procedure I followed and it got my mufflers pretty close; not perfect, but pretty close. If that doesn't work, then I think you might need to drive by your local "trusted" muffler shop for adjustment.
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I have to do that procedure with weight on the wheels otherwise the extended suspension prevents the pipe from moving far enough to level the muffler
This is so easy. I could not believe it when I first found out about it.

Jack up the rear of the car so you can remove the wheels. Replace the jack with jack stands.
With the wheels off, use a block of wood on the jack, and raise the suspension. (with the jack under the rotor). This picks up the exhaust from the half shaft that turned the mufflers when you tightened the bolts. Without a load the exhaust rests on the half shafts. Do the procedure on each side. You should be able to put a level on the pipes! Slick!
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Swapping the halfshafts end for end will put the smaller diameter portion under the pipes and may eliminate the pipe/halfshaft interference.
That was one of three steps that let me square up my tips and snake a 2.5" diameter Mindtrain pipe through that area without hitting anything at any point of the suspension travel.
Thanks for the idea, Larry -

I was worried about the pipes hitting the halfshaft every time I jack up the car, which I do a lot.

Yes it works. Mine are straight. Try it!
Car owner, William Suarez, discovered the trick while he was helping me position the pipes years ago.
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