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I'm got a serious case of "while-I'm-at-it-itis" and decided to get a new condenser from CCS to go with my new lines, new dryer, new compressor, etc.

Found this old thread:

that mentions a Pro Comp 10" fan but can't find those anymore. Does anyone know of fan options that use the original shroud (and work and look good)?

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...I wired this into the Cond. fan circuit, it blows outward. This cools the Engine Oil After Filtering, and Drops the Temperature 40F+ degrees when I need it too. From above 250F (the limit for the gauge), down to 227F. And Most Importantly...this set-up, Can Cool the Oil while the Pantera is at a Standstill, with the Engine Running.

You can find these Fans on Ebay. Search '12V Radiator Fans'...there are 1000's. Yes! You Want the 'Serpentine' Blades as they are More Quiet (just as Submarine Propellers) and They Move More Air!

NO AC in this car.

The wire going down to the Side Filler Plug, is for the Transaxle Oil Temp Sender, Replacing the Plug. It connects to a Digital Temp Gauge that is Switched and Shared with the Engine Oil Temp Sender located in the Twin Filter Mount (before Cooling). They Share a single digital gauge. One must take pains to ensure the sender receives a Proper Ground. I ran a Dedicated Ground wire to each. Have a Cooler, Filter and Pump all set up for the Transaxle. Doesn't need it, as it never gets over 190F. Save it for the Racecar.

Good-Luck with Your AC Condenser



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The only fan 10" fan I could find with three mounting points was this one:,412970.html

It arrived today and since I had to remove the blade assembly to modify the guard, I promptly destroyed it by not realizing the bolt holding the blade was reverse-threaded.
Note that the bolt circle on this fan is smaller than the stock fan so I would have needed to make some short bracktets to hold it.
So I said screw it, I'll run the stock fan. While re-installing the stock fan, it slipped and cracked one of the blades.
So that's how my morning has gone.

This can be tricky since there's two different shrouds for Panteras. The early one is much larger but I think the condenser inside is the same. It also takes a different trunk insert with a bigger, removable rear bulge. You've avoided the problem altogether by not using a fan shroud.

Note- to use the huge swirl of air passing over the rear of the car that at certain speeds presses right up against the rear bumper, DeTomaso arranged the AC condenser to suck air from the outside, thru the condenser and blow against the sloping rear surface of the trunk insert. The exhausted hot air then get deflected down toward the pavement in a loop and avoids being sucked into the AC unit again for a second pass. Running without a trunk insert probably degrades the AC output, and reversing the condenser fan direction definitely does so..

I never measured the air flow in thru a rear condenser- I have an anemometer for airflow checks on the engine radiator, but I moved my AC to the front before getting around to checking the flow. I'm told the main problem with close-coupling a fan and a radiator is setting the blades too close to the fins. So the answer is, I dunno. You'll have to check your rig for satisfactory operation.

That looks super clean David!
In my super-unscientific testing, I can say that the stock fan running in my hand was actually pretty impressive. Then the Mishimoto fan running in my hand scared the shit out of me and I had to shut it down before it flew across the room.
Made some good progress today making angled bushings to bolt the new fan to the shroud. Pictures soon.


It looks like you filled all of the spot weld dimples which really helps to make the bay visually cohesive?

I tossed up on doing this as if the spot welds are visible at least someone can see the back end has not been damaged in the past, and it is the original panels.

But without doing it the bay will never look as good as this.

Man that is so clean!

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