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Where are you with your winsor project? Have you looked at the crate motors from I checked out their shop, and ended up buying my motor from them. I did the math and could not find a better deal even from a ground up rebuild.

I got the shortened Ford Racing waterpump installed. I went with the matching dual groove pulleys and added a dual pulley to the alt. The water pump pulley is a slightly smaller dia then stock cleveland so it spins faster at lower speeds a good thing. You will need a ford motorsport crank space (.860 thick). This way both the water pump, AC compressor and alt are running two belts providing extra redundancy. The pump is 1.5 inches shorter then stock, so the next project is modifying the firewall access pannel to make more passenger room.

When you get to motor installation, look at the rotatatable thermostat housing from CSI. Pricey but allows the H2O inlet to be moved in a position that aligns it better to the swirl tank. The housing height is lower so it clears the firewall very nicely.

Other then that is is an easy swap from the cleveland to winsor. The pantera parts vendors can provide the proper headers, AC compressor brackets and misc hardware.
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Rover, thanks for your interest. I'm presently working feverishly in completing the rolling chassis. It started out as replacing the head gasket on the cleveland....well you know how it goes. I have an appointment with a chassis shop to install a six point roll cage at the end of Aug and that should be it.

As far as the windsor build, I just recently started planning. I have looked at many of the engine vendors and have to agree that Coasthigh does offer alot for the buck. I decided to go with a engine builder that a friend of mine uses for his bush grand national engines. I already have the Dart block and AFR 205 heads.I am now looking at two cubic inch combinations 383 or a 408. As far as the crank rotating assembly I'm leaning towards a Crower stroker light weight with J&E pistons. Although I have to say Scat and Eagle offer alot for half the cost. Like everything else it comes down to money.
I really appreciate the information regarding the waterpump and pulley setup.I will also look at the CSI thermostat housing.This info. saves me alot of research and hair pulling!!
I have to say, you and the rest of the guys on this forum have been great in answering and offering help in my build.

Thanks again,Danno
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