Hi everyone!

Kinda newbie here... well were here 2002 and now back again.

So to the point. I have been looking for pantera (again) and found this -74 pantera L for sale. The car is in Miami and have been Texas or so seller claims. I got some pictures but when i asked more he said that he can´t get them couse car is allready in "containerterminal" (ready to be shipped). Car is red and has black flares and nose and Colorado plates Eeker I´ll try to add pics here.

Does this car exists?


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If the seller is not willing to provide enough information so that all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction, if the car is not available for inspection by an agent representing you, then walk away from the deal, whether the car is real or not.

I remember it being fr sale on e-bay too. Find out where in Florida it is. Ask the guy if an "agent" of yours can come and do an inspection. If the seller resists, run away FAST. If he says it's o.k., then see if there are any Pantera folks close by that could do a visual for you.

Yes it smells like scam. No way I`m going to pay any money in advance... and he hasn´t askd any - atleast yet. I have done some homework around car scams so i´m carefull.

I asked him about the title and adress if i could get someone to have a look and more stuff about the condition of the car. He didn´t say anything about the title, kept saying how it was top all-around and can´t get me more pics so i´m quessing he can´t get to the car Smiler
Its a well known scam arround these parts, seller has the car some place where it can not be inspected, often if you ask for an adress he will not respond.
I saw it on ebay a while back, dont know if it was a genuine add or a scam too..
My advice...Run..
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