Seeking Advice Regarding Rebuilding or Replacing A Deauville Steering Rack

I am afraid this question has been posted before but my search of the net has not produced a usable result.  The steering rack in my 1972 Deauville is leaking everywhere. If possible I would like to replace it with a functional equivalent from another car.  Any ideas what has worked in the past?  Can the original rack be rebuilt? I am in LA - been trying to contact Steve Wilkinson for advice with no luck so far.  The car's restoration is almost complete - this is the last challenge before we can drive it again after ten years.  Any help youl be appreciated!  

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Hi Jose,


As far as I know the first series Deauville/Longchamp used a rack made by Cam Gear in the UK. It is not one that is used in a period Jaguar/Maserati/ferrari or Jensen.

Cam Gear is part of TRW nowadays as far I know. Maybe there have been posts about the Longchamp rack on this site and, hopefully, some more usefull tips.


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I was able to reach Steve Wilkinson;  he still owns the same (beautiful) fully restored Deauville he had 10 years ago when I first met him.  He explained that parts are no longer made for the original rack, and that he ended up using one from a different car in his (but cannot remember from what car).    It is not clear if the original was made by ZF or Cam Gear (likely one or the other).  I have searched the web for pictures and if I were a betting person I would bet on Cam Gear.   I dropped off the old rack a week back at a small shop in Pasadena, Master Steering, to see what they can do to get it going again.  Will update this thread if I have new news.  Thanks! 

Arrg - the shop in Pasadena tells me that the last mechanic that rebuilt the rack in my Deauville damaged the interior chamber where the sliding piston floats - it is all scratched up and destroys the seals if replaced.  So I need a new core (talk about unobtanium) or a different solution.  Now investigating alternatives from other cars that can be adapted.  

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