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Hello all,
for our next DeTomaso meeting at the Classic Days in Düsseldorf, we would like to have some promotional items produced. For this I need the print files of the different DeTomaso logos and fonts. Can anyone help here?
Please send them to
Many thanks


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I am so curious to see if the current-day iteration of DeT will pursue trademark defense. It seems to me, based on what I see on EBay that it's essentially open season to make your own De Tomaso branded items and sell them.

On a practical note, let me add that the brand logo is often not reproduced faithfully. The blue is often wrong and the line thickness of the T (cattle brand) is often wrong.

Print file to print on paper or some hi-res graphic?  It depends how good you are looking to make these (but assume you already know that).  You can simply scan it and reproduce it if just simple paper output by creating a PDF file.  If you are trying to do high-res stuff, get a graphic artist to convert them to the files they use to output the graphics stuff.  My nephew does this stuff professionally and he has all the right SW to do it.  I would just find the best image you have like the old DeTomaso letterhead you show above.  I am sure POCA has some files as they print a magazine, etc.  

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