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I'm looking into purchasing a dual remote filter setup. There doesn't seem to be much information on the vendors websites associated with the various options, then again maybe I'm overcomplicating the situation. My main question is do they generally come as parallel (increased throughput) or series (double filtration) filters? I imagine series to be better.
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I believe they are parelell, ie extra flow.
not series.
if they were in series, if it went through one filter it would pass the other filter, unless you had 2 different filter sizes ! like a water filter.
I think the benefit of a dual system, if something went bad enough to block one filter when it internally bypasses it, the next filter can still catch it.
...Mine are in Parallel! This cuts the 'Restriction' to the flow of oil, in Half; and takes twice the Milage to 'clog' both filters. If you mount it HERE you may add the cooler, blows to the outside to take advantage of the area of 'Vacuum' behind the Pantera. The fan runs off the (Unused) A/C condensor fan curcuit. I can sit in stopped traffic and cool the Engine oil...


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