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82BA3865-8E13-4875-8C89-BD1D3094C529I agree with Otis. This is a reproduction part and you can find them with a quick search.

I thought I had one but a search today came up negative.

The photo is of the rubber grommet and a 90° PVC valve as I am using on 2511.

The reproductions are about $60 and they sell for $40-$60 used on eBay. You can save some money by just using one metal breather attached to the carb or air cleaner and a rubber grommet for your PCV valve



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  • 82BA3865-8E13-4875-8C89-BD1D3094C529

...Try a Auto Salvage Yard FORD Section. That's how I found Two! And the Yards are All Linked via Internet Search Engines, Nation-Wide...They can find one or two, for You, in about 5 Minutes!! At a 'Pick and Pull', up in Stockton...I Paid $5.00 for Them, in Good Condition. Search! Good-Luck.


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The plastic 1/4-turn cap used to come in two sizes- large (early) and small (late) on about every Ford V-8 made '60s to ??  Should be available from wrecking yards everywhere as they seem to last well. Our '72 had the large plastic caps & were transferred to aluminum covers in '80; still on the car & sealing well. The rubber grommet for the PCV may be more of a problem.

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