Just an alert for a possible auction type scam on ebay for the following car...


This car was for sale last week with a reserve at $62,000...auction ended with a high bid of $33,433. He then put the car back up for sale this week with an opening "bid" from a "first time" bidder at the $33,433. This is typical on ebay when an unscruplous seller poses as a buyer and bids up the price on his own item. The seller is not a Pantera enthusiast he is just someone who buys and sells cars in this manner. BUYER BEWARE!! That is why it is better to buy off of this website with its critiques from the professionals. Regards.

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I called this gentleman...he was up front about being a reseller for profit and said this was his 3rd Pantera he purchased to resell for profit. He is looking for that CA buyer with lots of $$$. Didn't seem to be extremely savy about the car which I suppose is reflected in his "marketing" description. Hope he gets his big bucks!
Just an update on this cause it is kinda interesting to me...note the "bidders" for this car...islero400gt was the original bidder at the 33,433. He then identified himself as the seller making the first bid at a previous auction's high bid. He has subsequently bid the price up a couple more times. It would be interesting to know if the other bidders on this car are real either. Buyer BEWARE at auctions!!! Better to buy your car here...this has not been a paid advertisement )

I was informed about this posting by one of my potential buyers and thought that I should clear up all of these rumors. First of all, TREB, during my conversation with you I never told you that I was a reseller of Panteras nor did I tell you that I was in it just for financial gain. I have had three of these cars, on e in 1985-86, one in 1991, 92 and this one now in 2000-03. The point that I was trying to make to you during our call is that these cars do sell for more than 35,000 if they have been improved to a point to where they warrant it. You simply can�t believe that these cars could ever sell for more than 35 for some reason and that�s your opinion, but you are undisputedly wrong, you need to do more homework. Second, as far as auction tampering is concerned, I used to be a detective in the real world, I would suggest that the people here making assumptive allegations be careful. Nothing deceptive or immoral has, nor will ever happen on any of my auctions, feel free to contact anyone who has bid on my car, there has only been one who has actually taken the time to come by and see the car. Ebay hasn�t contacted me about any wrongdoing simply because there is non. Just so everyone knows, very few Panteras actually sell on Eabay and most people, including myself simply use Ebay as a forum to advertise their cars. If you read my last auction I say that I will accept 42,000 for my car, yet my reserve is 43,000, who in there right mind would pay 43, 000 on Ebay when I have clearly stated that I would accept 42. Think about it, what motivation would I have to artificially inflate my auction price when the real buyer isn�t even going to win an auction. I am not happy about this posting and, believe it or not, anyone positing to a public forum is subject to a slander and defamation of character lawsuit. Normally I wouldn�t care about this, but when I have potential buyers whose decision process has been clouded by untrue postings, it doesn�t sit well with me at all.
ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HEAR THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING POSTED HERE, PLESE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME (949) 713-7333 I will be more than happy to speak with rational and reasonable people about anything.
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