I'm getting closer to installing new engine in 8MA514 and for the last year I have been going back and forth with the idea of EFI. I do like the idea and really like the looks of the webber style IR EFI. I'm looking at the Dynatek injection system but I don't know anyone who has used this system. I live in a remote area and info is sometimes hard to come by.
I'm asking if anyone has an opinion on the use of EFI on this old of a goose and any information possible about this system from Dynatek or other systems available for the 289 cu in .
Thanks for any help possible.
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Firstly I am not a Mangusta owner, just an admirer.

There are going to be three typres of IR EFI available that you can build from. Two are going to be built from the TWM FI throttle bodies. One is for the IDA Weber manifold, the other for the IDF.

The third type is the Morrison (Australia) cross ram.

What you select for the hardware systems in a 'goose' probably is going to be more of what will fit best in the confinements of the Mangusta. That is including but not necessarily limited to how you are going to install the accessory shafts to the intake manifold, clearances to the deck mounted heat shields, etc.

The management system, i.e., the electronic controls are lesser of an issue. The most cost effect, but not cheap, is the Haltech E6x and harness.

Inglese Inductions offers the complete setup in either of the downdrafts with the "FAST" controls. The way they sell the setup appears to be the closest thing to a bolt it in set up that I can find.

TWM offers the mechanical components as a complete assembled "kit" without the computer. You need to pick your own "poison" for that one. Again the Haltech is the most reasonably priced electronic control system, but anything but cheap. The others like fast are just more outrageous then the Haltech.

The Morrison system is there but the entire company is very illusive and non-responsive to inquiries. That's not a comforting concept to me.

All of these companies are accessible via the internet with the possible exception of Morrison. Morrison has a web page but I guess that you need to call them. They don't like email apparently.

Hope this all helps. Big Grin

This is the TWM 289-302 "vintage look" system. Their fuel rails are unique to their systems. I'm not sure if this is the IDA or IDF setup.


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The Dynatek system with it's period 'Weber' look and self learning computer sounds pretty good for the guy who wants to bolt it on and run, but I don't know of anyone using it.

Maybe get yourself over to www.GT40s.com, the GT40 guys running 302's are facing similar challenges to you and Webers/EFI are common on the 40's. Depending how much you drive the Goose and how much you want to spend, whay not consider a true Weber system? A 44IDF set up can be had for under $2K and the IDF's are very streetable.

BTW the TWM set up that Doug posted the picture of is exactly what I have ready to drop into the GT40 once I get a computer. I will be going with the Accel DFI as an ECU.
Some of the answers to your questions about the Dynatek are still illusive to me.

The throttle bodies are actually Weber IDA lookalikes.

The MAP is installed in the processor housing like the Haltech E6x is. Therefore the intake manifold needs to be tapped for vacuum ports.

The Dynateck computer sounds plug and play and is tunable like the others with a laptop conputer.

The TWM system without fuel injectors, computer and harness is in the $3800 to $4000 area. About $6000 completed, plus or minus.

Since in my case I would be coverting the Dynatek system to my intake manifold the quote was about $5000 with something like a two week turn around depending on work load.

It seems to be a great alternative if one wants the vintage look of the Weber IDA system with no visual clues of the FI.

Also noteworthy on the Dynotek is that even though the FI bodies look like Weber 48 IDA's they do not have changeable auxiliary venturis (chokes)like the carbs do. This is signifigant to tuning the torque curve of the engine.

The carbs come stock with 37mm "chokes". I run 40mm on the street. A long track I would probably switch to 42mm for the event. The 37's would put the torque down way to low.

I don't know what size the Dynateks are made with BUT if you plan to track the car, this is a consideration with any of the throttle bodies since the computer software does not effect this engine characteristic. It is a mechanical consideration.
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