I have had Pantera mufflers on my Mangusta / Corvette since 1972. Displacement is 350CI with 2.25" header pipe.  They came off of a car that was being worked on at Ford R & D in Dearborn.  

They were fine for about 35,000 miles and then I started to get the dreaded "drone" between 18 and 2,200 RPM where most of my driving is.  I have a new set of what is available from Hall Pantera.  I am worried about the return of the "drone" when I put them on.

Has anyone had that problem when putting a new set on a car?


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Hi Dick, my '72 has a massive resonance around 1800 rpm but it fades quicker than your situation....maybe by 2000 rpm it's mostly gone. In that small range, however, the rumble must be rattling all the neighbor's windows....I'm sure they appreciate that lots!   I don't remember where the mufflers were from but they are stock upswept (i.e., early type) Ansas.  The resonance was there from new, I always assumed it was normal with some of these systems.

In the archives are complaints dating back to the '70s of exhaust resonance or drone, and all sorts of fixes that cured or lessened the noise on certain cars. About all they agree on is, it originates from the exhaust. Surprisingly, this is also quite a subject on Corvette forums.

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