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I was always amazed about the gas filler located in the “early” Pantera!

as I was looking for a solution I do like! I came across a “Cobra” stile filler that wouldn’t look huge for the sail panel it will be mounted on / in!
There are many different ways the factory fuel filler location (which wasn’t even used) looks :

some have a egg shape, some have a round indentation/patched up hole with spot welds…

I my case it’s a 1.5” hole that has a patch on the inside and 3 spot welds on the outside.


push button:



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IMG_0047IMG_0048That patch (center of it) is located just about where the longest indentation rib is on the sailpanel.

To get a “proper eyeball “ on the situation I removed the filler elbow


And then drained the tank of all the 8 year old fuel 😳. Maple syrup?

clear hose and a piece of brake line stuffed in the end, still sticking out 1/2 inch so I can hear it touching the bottom, pull up 1/8 inch, tape hose to the piller and hose going down the side.. into my monster gas can…. Little suck with the vacuum pump and monitor… 55 minutes long…

10 gallons later.. empty


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It’s just not really possible to show it in pictures but the angle from the original intended hole to the gas tank fill hole is rather shallow… so I won’t use that location but I go up to the next indentation rib.

Now here are the fuel caps I want to use


They are the same, one chrome and the other black, designed like mini cobra fuel flip up caps.

For my taste the aviation cap is to big and to modern looking, having recessed fuel filler with a door is too complex and I think that cap is pretty and no need to hide!

I have not decided on black or chrome…


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Because I intend to mount the filler in the piller and just use the ribbed sail panel as trim I want to make sure everything is lining up properly… I am drilling thru 3 layers, trim, outer skin and inner skin!

so I set out to make a mock up trim panel


its important that the hinge and the locking part sit in the depression… so the hole in the skin has to be exactly at the right place!


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Here is the filler assembly…

fuel resistant hose 1.5” to 2”

next is to test it at the gas station, stick it in a 5 gallon gas can and check how it flows before I start cutting anything! I still need to trim some of the tubing going into the gas tank… about bottom of blue tape!

(tape is on it so I can’t drop it into the tank!)




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I seem to recall they are threaded into the casting. Easy enough to check, jamming two nuts together

you are slowly making progress and that’s a good thing especially testing the flow of fuel. Just cutting a hole and hoping everything else will work is a dangerous way to go. Looking forward to your finished product.


I went to several different gas stations today to check the flow of my filler neck and I have to say that I never noticed that there are so many different nozzles… long and short (2” only) with and without spring around, long sleeve to suck vapor off…

anyway.. it worked well… very good on the shorter nozzles and okay on others.. I don’t think it’s any different compared to the original… I use this design and keep working on it!

Locating where I want the fuel filler.

I abandoned the first hole!



I am going one inch higher than DeTomaso did.. I think the additional slope helps for the filling, and clearance for the bolt on the flange at 9 o’clock.

I’ve been straight up, same location within the recess and drilled my hole! Because how the panel is more slanted in the back than in the front. I abandoned that hole as well, and moved it slightly to the left! Taped off the incorrect holes…



and made a mark with a drill



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And now it’s destruction time…

The largest diameter on the fuel filler cap is 3 inches , and because their panel is going over there already mounted fuel filler cap start out with a nice big 3 inch hole,!


battery died… Time to take a look


filed out the recess for the closing and hinge mechanism


and that’s how it looks!



i’ll paint black around the filler cap before assembling it.

I’m just glad I cast this markup panel!

If I would’ve done the chop on the real part, I would’ve broken out in sweat! All the holes would not have mattered because it’s all within the part that’s going to disappear anyway.. but still..

the finish work on the metal panel is going to be much easier, much nicer, because that casting here is quite brittle being fiberglass  and resin!

I let this simmer right now in my brain… Thinking, maybe to go with a different way of assembling it and make the hole only 2 3/4 of an inch diameter


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(I’m a little late to the party with this suggestion, but…)

There was a thread somewhere in which one individual hinged the whole gill at the front, and I think he had a post/grommet setup at the rear to hold the gill closed.

Hinged that way, the airflow couldn’t open the gill.

He inset his new filler neck into the metal behind the hinged gill panel.

Your solution looks very good too!  Keep plugging along!  And keep posting pictures!  We love to watch progress!


@rocky posted:

(I’m a little late to the party with this suggestion, but…)

There was a thread somewhere in which one individual hinged the whole gill at the front, and I think he had a post/grommet setup at the rear to hold the gill closed.

Hinged that way, the airflow couldn’t open the gill.

He inset his new filler neck into the metal behind the hinged gill panel.

Your solution looks very good too!  Keep plugging along!  And keep posting pictures!  We love to watch progress!


Yes, Rocky, I saw that! It was and monstrosity of hinges… I think I tried to keep it simple… and in 1970s style!

black or chrome… What do you think?IMG_0635

I just read your thread. How you Went over your whole car… Pretty much did everything! I’m gonna pick your brain on occasion, if I may… I’m a Pantera Owner only for three or four months, so I’m still learning and learning  a lot! I am reading this forum inside out, top to bottom and there’s no end to it… It’s like a library without walls… endless!!!!


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I decided to make a second test cut on my other fiberglass panel I made… I would like to have a little less gap between the panel and the filler cap base..

the first time I used a 3” hole saw because I thought the filler cap itself is 3” and the panel get mounted after the cap assembly is installed… the cap base is 2 1/2” so I got 1/4” gap around the base! Just didn’t feel right…

now with the cutouts for the hinge and the little locking mechanism I actually could get the 3” cap though a 2 3/4” hole, leaving me with only 1/8” gap around the base! I’m good with that! IMG_0624

local stores didn’t have a 2 3/4 hole saw so I ordered one.. coming Saturday!

I'm also thinking about moving the cap down one rib.. still higher then center of the panel… looks better but higher location would fill better… decisions, decisions, decisions,…🤔🤪

( and that’s why I made a mold to make some panels to be able to f@$& up)


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here is between the ribs equals half inch down from the top of the ridge. Then center of the ring 90° to it… X marks the spot, this time with the number to be able to repeat it… 80 mm

then drilled pilot hole and hold sawed with 2 3/4” hole saw instead of the 3” from the back



here’s the direct comparison:



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2 3/4@ hole is perfect fit! I am happy!

i’m only half inch higher than the original filler location from the factory… that does not make me so happy but (compared to the 1.5 inches I had before ).   well sometimes there’s a trade-off between beauty and super Duper functionality,! it might even work out, it is still more angle in the filler tube than the original ever had!

and once again, I let it simmer in my brain…. And Look what you guys have to say to it and tomorrow - maybe I’m going to poke real holes in the real metal!

(am I glad I made those fiberglass covers!!!!!)

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well, it’s done,!🥵
same as the last time… then drill pilot hole…IMG_0671
The lower drill mark is the center for the 1 1/2 “ hole at this spot!  It was important to make the mark with the drill through the panel being 90° to that surface and not to the grill outside!  It is angled,!!

drilling from the back…

being very careful with the hole saw so it can’t catch and break a rib in the panel!

marked outlines for  Hinge and lock..

and carefully  Filing my way towards them..IMG_0683

it’s a very close fit! 1/8” around..IMG_0684point of no return…

and it’s like giving yourself a root canal, OMG 😱

at least from here on out, it’s just connecting dots lol.IMG_0685


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@Lardog posted:

You're getting closer.  Now the drill the yellow body and you are home free.  Looking Good!

Next is pilot hole from the outside through the outer skin and inner skin 90° to the Outside skin… then I have an idea with the filler neck goes..

hopefully I’m in the ballpark what I expected where I should end up..

then drill outside 1.75 inches, the inside 2.5 inches!

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Here it is:


covered fuel filler hole with the red aluminum plate… this shows the angle I come in.. not bad..

the fuel cap is not bottomed out onto the sheet metal… I have to “flair” the ribs for it to come down! I guess another 5mm

IMG_0689I used the long drill I had to mark the spot with paint … the angle of the inner fender didn’t let me drill through in one go!

I going to see if I have a way to get a pilot hole going and then shoot with the hole saw and an extension from the outside in… maybe..🤔

it definitely will be a Chinese puzzle putting the finished project together..

the big 3” hole would have been the easiest but -the gap- no! Patience!


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Well, making the hole in the inner B-piller was, to say it mildly, an absolute pain in pretty much any part humanly possible and loosing a more or less important body part is always possible till very very last second until the hole is exactly where it needs to be!

I can not make any recommendations how to go about this job…  you are working in limited space, very counterproductive angles of sheet metal ( which is responsible that the hole isn’t really round from this prospective) and Home Depot doesn’t sell a StarTrek phaser (the extra small version) in their tool section!
And tomorrow …a little welding.. tube to flange.. 👍



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Tedious little work right now, try to get everything dialed in to the closest millimeter to have enough clearance for the hinge of the fuel cap and the lever for Opening the cap. Nothing to see here… posting updates as i get stuff done.

but simultaneously I’m gonna start the next project… it’s a controversial project….that much I know!


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