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I am ready to sell my 8 Stack Weber intake setup. Here is what I know:

- Hall Pantera 8 stack 4V intake manifold (circa. 1980's)
- Weber IDA 48 Carburetors. Stamped 2J IDA48 4R with blank 'Made in' plates indicating they were made in Italy in 1982.
- The car went to Hall Pantera in 1984 for a complete GTS conversion.
- The original (#'s matching) engine with this intake was removed from the car in 2010 and stored in a crate since.

Asking $3000.00
Text 1-403-971-9195


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OOOOHHH don't tempt me! Unfortunately, I'm having to spend my money just to get my car running.

In a few months, if you still have this I'll buy it from you.

My decklid is notched out as well to clear the injector velocity stacks.

Originally posted by Dr.Oldsmobile:
Hey Mike.... if you buy it now it will sparkle on your work bench and provide great motivation to build that engine!!
It will be Snow White's crown!
Just sayin'....
I do.

It's on my engine, a stroked 408 with tall Yates heads, so the manifold is split.

It's also controlled by a Haltech system from the Flinstone ages, came with floppy discs, not even sure if I can get it tuned at all (although it runs great right now, I KNOW the tune is way rich and could be much better).

My plan was either to go to Webers, or upgrade the electronics at a later date. Both options I think, cost-wise, are around the same. I was told to upgrade my electronics with tune and all would be 5-6000


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As I said before the Haltech is an older but reliable and fairly easily tunable/mappable system, just download the software from Haltech here or have a reputable shop tune it for you. Don't throw it way just because it's mapped a little rich right now.

If you think Webers are going to run better then I feel you are misguided, they are a step backwards from what you have.

Be aware that the Hall Pantera Weber set up on offer will not fit your Yates port heads.

If you choose to upgrade you can get a modern ECU like an ACCEL Gen 7 for around $2K, you already have the injectors and everything else that adds up the cost on a new build.

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If you think Wberes are going to run better then I feel you are misguided, they are a step backwards from what you have.

Totally agree with Julian!

Mike - Trading in your IR EFI system for a set of Webers is like going from an electronic ignition to a dual points distributor. Would be going in the wrong direction.

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