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I just looked at the price. If I would have known it was so cheep I would of got this one. I thought it was much more expensive. I just looked at the LED lamps for the dash @ 6 for fifty bucks,what a deal!

Better late then never.

Maybe it's the name, Pantera-Electronics?

Maybe he should change it to Jon's Pantera Stuff and he should send out hand fliers and staple them to telephone poles?

How people discover things, not just here, is a curious procedure.

I see this as somewhat of a disconnect where there is an entire contingent of Pantera owners who just think that MSD knows their cars better? How did you people come to that decision?

It just doesn't show Pantera owners as part of the intelligentsia. It just doesn't bode well as showing that you even have a clue to understanding your car in the slightest.

Pantera Doug,

Please give the new kids on the black a break. They are still the FNG's. It takes time to learn all that is Pantera. And after 10 years I'm included with that group. And we need more of them. I'm not sure who to quote here, Yoda or the Kung Fo master. Not kind be but be kind. We are one big happy family!

Well perhaps I'm not as diplomatic as I could be but I don't have anything to sell.

The MSD 6a's are so common on the Panteras that Pantera-Electronics design commity decided to make the footprint of their Ignition Controller the exact size so there would be no apparent scars remaining from replacing them.

I wonder if the vote was like 6-5 or if it was unanimous?

Now THAT's diplomatic.

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