IMG_1224A fun look-back into Pantera history.  You pay shipping.... (Probably about $5-6)

Good info - Fall 91 has an article on the P70.


Fall 1991

Winter 1991

Spring 1992

Spring 1993

Summer 1993


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That is one of the most famous Panteras ever made.  I believe it was owned by a movie star or something.  It was rumored to be equipped (at one time) with a dual magnacharger (supercharger) set-up.

Just the provance of ownership probably raises the value by $25K or more over other cars. 

It's always winning awards.

I have heard it is a maroon color now.  Not sure what happened to it.



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Got another small set - Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA) Profiles magazines. 

5 Free PROFILES, including the 20th Anniversary Issue!

* Fall 1982
* Spring 1993
* Spring / Summer 1993
* Summer 1993
* Winter 1993

Good condition - interesting history.  More about social stuff and people's cars than technical stuff, but fun to leaf through.

You pay shipping - About $3.50 Media Mail.

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