Guys I could use some advise or ideas .

The light weight coupling between my fuel tank fitting and filler neck timed out - split open. I posted this before and tried what was suggested but it's not gonna work. I purchased some 2.25 inch fuel hose but because of the poor alignment between the tank fitting and filler neck I can't make it work. The hose walls are too thick to allow the connection without me pulling it into place with the bolts. I do not want to damage the tank . Thought of rotating the tank fitting then re drilling but I'll still have poor alignment. My thought now is to use some silicone aircraft ducting ( sceet ) that is used to move air around. With that I can make the connection but I am not sure how it will hold up to auto gas fumes.

Any ideas guys ? It's my last hurdle to overcome before starting the engine. Kind of frustrated because I'm close and didn't see it coming.

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Quite a few '73-up Panteras had poorly aligned external fuel attachments. Besides what was suggested, loosening the fuel tank hold-down strap will allow the tank itself to be shifted to a better position. This is far easier if the tank is nearly empty due to lighter weight. Be very careful if you decide to prybar the tank to move it; the steel used in our fuel tanks is paper-thin and a healthy individual can poke a hole clear through an undamaged tank bottom using screwdrivers etc.

I replaced the coupling with some silicone aircraft ducting. Nothing else would work without me forcing it. Keeping an eye on it to see how it holds up to auto gas.

That job was somewhat of a challenge .

I had oiled and pre oiled the engine, rebuilt the carb and went through the distributor since it was removed. Turned the key and presto the engine started right away. Only odd event was the dried out dead mouse remains that came out of the flywheel timing cutout. Boy does it sound awesome !

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