Am installing new ignition system (dist, coil, and digital igntion box). In the 'old' system, there were three wires that actually came from
the Goose's harness (may have originally been more, but with the system in the Goose, there were three):

heavy green connected to (+) coil -- looked behind ignition key inside and found same so it's obviously the hot wire I connect to the new ignition unit

blue and black connected to (-) coil -- looked behind tach inside and found same so it's obviously the wire I connect to the tach wire coming from the new ignition unit

brown wire connected to (+) coil - don't have a clue what it is or where it needs to be connected in new ignition

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark (8MA642)
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Accel billet dist (set to 22 degrees of static adv), coil, and digital box work as advertised. Total adv for Boss 302 motor set to 38 degrees.

After installing the new system, the three wires coming from the Goose into the system worked out this way:

Heavy green - ignition key wire, and connected in new system to igntion source wire coming from Accel 300+ box
Blue and black - tach wire will need to be conected thru tach adapter to tach wire coming from Accel 300+ box (box wire does work when connected to external rpm device)
brown wire - electric fuel pump wire, and connected in new system to igntion source wire coming from Accel 300+ box

May have to manipulate some of the settings in 780cfm Holley I rebuilt (and put back on Goose after not being installed for quite a while) to get optimum performance from the motor.

Next effort will be drain coolant and replace a couple of hoses. Any gotcha's or tricks to be aware of?

Appear to be answering my own questions with some trial and error, but it's working. So, will keep providing results in case someone else might need them.

Looks like about 12 qts of coolant/water mix is what it takes after flushing the Goose a couple of times. Does that sound about right?

FYI - with a 1 inch alum spacer with PCV port, used a Mr Gasket 2.25x13 air cleaner/fliter. Fit perfectly and didn't intyerfere with 'tall' cap on Accel billet distributor.

Happy 4th,
More info...

Electricals - tach adapter required with Accel 300+ system and Accel 52201 billet distributor - Accel 49365 tach adapter did not work - will try MSD 8920

Cooling - this Goose likes to run hot - used water wetter and brought down temp 10-15 degrees - ordered two Zirgo ZF10 1500 cfm fans and will also seal around radiator as described by Dick Ruzzin

Tuning - motor (69 Boss 302) ran like a dog at all speeds with following settings...
- Advance: 16 degrees timing advance, 22 degrees mechanical advance (all 22 degrees in by 1800 rpm)
- Carb - C9ZF-9510-J, List 4511, 780cfm - floats set with fuel halfway up window in carb, 50cm accelerator pump and large single hole tan/yellow pump cam, lightest (yellow) spring for vacuum secondaries
- THE FIX - took out all enhancements and put everything back to stock except set initial timing at 10-12 degrees vs 16 degrees called for by book (got this advise from Boss 302 forum)
- PROBLEM SOLVED - Goose now runs like a beast - after trial and error and adding performance enhancements back into the dist/carb, it is clear on todays fuel, this motor couldn't handle the intial 16 degree timing advance specified by Ford (resulting in 38 total degrees of advance)
- Final configuration - timing advance 10-12 degrees, dist mechanical advance set to 22 degrees all in by 2000 rpm, carb floats set just below window (clear/see thru screws used), pump cam back to large single hole 50cm tan (after trying 30cm blue and black pump cams), ended up with purple spring for vacuum secondaries (after going to std then trying yellow again...which proved to light with some sluggishness at higher rpm)

Next challenge - suspension

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