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Was pinged recently by a shop working on a car that had been stripped out in terms of wiring harness....and fuse panel.   Fuse panel was MIA....

The solutions posed amounted to using/adapting a new modern Pantera Electronics style Pantera block or same to an old Pantera version.....and of course waiting for an original to surface.....    While the Pantera Electronics option could seem more logical, it does lack the ability to use the original cover or something similar to replicate "the look" when viewed.    Also, the wiring would need to be translated from "Goose" to Pantera.....or vice-versa.

While I was rooting around in my parts looking for a Pantera AC fan switch, I ran across a very nice Pantera fuse block.....which got me to thinking......  How close would the Pantera version actually be to the original Goose version!???

Well, first and most obvious is that all the connections on the P-version come and go from one side and that there are three levels of connectors!   The Goose version has connections on both sides and only one level IIRC...... not sure if it's an in-out side for side thing or mixed......

What I do not know, is the logical actual physical schematic of the fuse panel on either car.    You can see where there are many connections that are single, twin, or triple connections....and some that you don't see......that would need to be chased out with an ohm meter......

SO, my question to all is: Does anyone have a GOose fuse block that would be "loan-able" or borrowed in order to create a physical drawing for a Goose block?????   

With that, and a similar drawing for a Pantera block, we could start to understand if or how much work is needed to provide a solution to folks that may need a new fuse block!

I can see no markings on the Pantera block to indicate manufacturer, and admit that I didn't look for it yet in the parts book..... wondering if there is any small chance it was "borrowed" from some other Italian so many parts were.......


Goose version:

EDIT 7/26/22 Due to "my bad!" Too excited.....  Sorry about any confusion this may have caused!  Steve


RH is a Maserati Cover & Block!!        Differences: 1) Maserati logo in upper LH corner!   2) Spade connections on both sides of block-  Pic's further down show Goose block with all on same side, similar to Pantera.    3) Goose has a 13th reference on the label at the very bottom for "frenoluce" (Brake Lights?)  which is missing from RH Maserati label.       Fuel pump fuse is obviously NOT used by most we're back to 12 fuse positions......although the order may not exactly line up with label????   (Where did they put that brake lamp fuse? unclear)

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That new wiring diagram and the physical understanding of the fuse block (schematic), IMHO, would be needed hand in hand for best results..... specifically in the case of the connectors that appear to have multiple wires to them......of course understanding that these wires could be joined "in the harness" and then proceed one or two wires to the fuse block......??


I couldn't get that first link to work....spinning wheel of wait(!) but the second link....WOW! That IS a monster price.....for for a monster priced car too!  I wish I knew the layout of a 3500 wiring to understand where the block lived in these cars and how much or not, would that harness help a Goose owner!???

The fact that that "very similar looking block" is in stock somewhere, should give hope that perhaps a block is available for itself!


Also, I know there are a lot more knowledgeable folks on this, but this fuse Block is similar to the one in my ALFA:  Incoming power on one side, goes through fuse to the other side, so the main thing you have to check for is bus bars on the incoming side (1 input goes to more than 1 output) with your continuity tester and make sure it will work.

If you scroll down on this, it shows an example of the Mistral fuse block and the next page shows where the items go.  I think with this and the goose wiring diagram, you could re-create what you need.??

Hopefully I'm sending you down the correct path.  If not, I will step aside for the pros and learn.


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scroll down to the fuse block



That fuse block diagram is great!    It enabled me to see that in the pic I posted of the two covers, that the RH is Maserati (emblem in top left of label!) and the LH is likely a Goose, with the "frenoluce"  (Brake Lights?) in teeny tiny print off the bottom of the label!!!   Most people miss this, as did I for years!

Everything else lines up exactly........until you get to the bottom 2-3 positions....(BUT IT WOULD LIKELY WORK FINE!)

I think that the fuel pump position was vacated early on for our cars anyway,  Perhaps the brake lights??????   Since the block has only 12 positions and 13 assignments?   Someone simply added the frenoluce to the screen printing and away they went.....instant Goose part!????

So what does #11 operate?

Here is where a REAL wiring harness and working wiring would help determine what is actually where?????   "Would the real fuse position #11 please come forward?!"  

I have no idea what the Mistrale 3500 youth was misguided...   I liked the 3500(?) Stradas........even with Chevy 327 power....!   BUT what you've shown is that indeed these blocks were sourced from "another Italian super not available" car!!

Nice work!

I have a Mangusta and needed a rewrire too, same reason fuse block MIA. I had Jon Haas make a Mangusta version of his Pantera block to take blade fuses and even have tell tale LED for easy recognition of failure. You couldn’t ask for a better guy to work with in Jon.
the block is slightly bigger than stock.
my plan is to either replicate stock cover and then cut it and stretch it slightly in plastic or (probably as will be more precise) scan the existing cover and then digitally stretch it and attach the original fuse cover plate. It’s not that much maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider. I will try to post a picture over weekend side by side

if you speak to Jon just ask for same version as Larry Tucker

and pm me if you need details



Hi All!  Larry probably has the best plan but here is a comparison between Mangusta and Pantera fuse blocks showing where the differences are.  The top two rows of connectors are identical; it's the third (i.e., 'bottom') layer where things diverge.  Re. conversion, altering the bus bar setup is probably to biggest hurdle, imo, and of course fastening things down reliably is a major concern once rivets are drilled out to move parts around.  No place for questionable contacts!!

The Mangusta block is in front in both images.....this one is from one of the cars that burned several years ago (bought is as scrap parts with the wiring harness).  I was amazed the block survived this well, the relays and associated wires nearby turned into a smelly glob.  Regards, Nate 


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Nate, all...

SO, I can see that I am confused! Isn't that clear?????        I was thinking that the top picture RH block was a GOose piece, with the connectors going out both sides......duh!!!!   I later mentioned the fact that there was a Maserati emblem on the cover label!   Wow! Steel sieve mind is slipping!

What you mention about that third layer being slightly different, is really slight from what I can see.   THere are a couple of spots where the GOose is missing some "ties" to neighboring tabs, but that could be remedied with some of the fancy two way connectors and some jumpers.  I'd be tempted to solder in any "additions" leaving the physical connections then duplicated as best as one could hope for!

I really missed all youse guys' good work finding this stuff a couple of years ago! The 1300 and other Fiat models is great stuff!!!!    Still not plentiful here in the US, but the internet shortens those distances a lot!


So I got the Jon Haas out along with the original (mine has no cover script  so may have to buy the one with Maserati on it! unless anyone has an original (or even a very high def photo of original without the screws / buttons they could send me so I can get it printed on transparent vinyl???)

Anyway, I've laid the Goose version next to John.  On the rear of John's he's added some useful extra pins and every single pin is labelled. Each fuse has a LED telltale.  Workmanship is first class.  It is slightly deeper and will need a Black plastic / acrylic box to sit in.

For anyone who's interested the Haas unit may be for sale.  I originally had a race car (so wanted the extra spec of blade/ LED's and extra / separate cooling fan fuses) but that plan has changed (long story) to a rebuild as (kinda) stock road car.  PM me if you want it, you can have it for what I paid for it. Happy to provide extra photos etc if you want them.

While on subject of electrics and that area of rear boot / truck, I was also missing the 2 x Grey plastic Carello relay which are not easy to find.  I found an original in Italy and had casing scanned and 3D printed.  This can then be used over a non-branded Orig old style relay or with the tiny cube one inside. Once I was happy with it I planned on telling people here and offer  it if anyone wants one.  At moment the 3D material is translucent / white and it need grey colour, (will probably dye it) am awaiting some raw material to get colour right.  It's really difficult to photo and photos don't do justice to lettering which is clear and well defined.  May be of interest to people.

Hope this helps




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Love the post!  Good info about Jon's block. Great side by sides!!!

Yes, those pesky grey Carello relays ARE impossible to find!  I finally gave in and just used a cube version when on a LONG return drive from Vegas, my relay had heated up enuf to let the plastic get soft, and my luggage packed in that storage area smooshed it and stuck the contacts!   Got home, put the car in the garage, shut it all down and the headlamps stayed on........WHAT??????

Oh the joys!!

Btw, Lancia is also very close on the fuse box. Yes, the legend plate is exactly the same except that on Mangusta the Maserati icon is removed--replacement plates are available from Maseratinet. Yes, even including the fuel pump text...(I'm trying to remember, but I think that circuit on the Goose goes to the country/city horn circuit, and of course the toggle switch used has the Fuel Pump icon borrowed from the Ghibli, making the association to the fuse all OK ). Or at least, thats how I remember it...

The Carello 22.900.000 relays are very hard to find, I've found (2) NOS and (2) nearly perfect over about 8 years of steady Ebay searching...everybody needs a goal in life (and for me, its the original bag for the red modular screwdriver in the tool kit...)...Lee

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