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Hi everyone, I need some urgent help on dimensions on my Goose!

As you can see from the photo of my car (Red) the previous owner had opened out the mouth underneath so instead of the lines following the line of the grill they went the other way to widen mouth opening and he also extended the edge forward to produce a more pronounced scoop and greater area.
I need to change this back to original.  I’ve look at a lot of photos and guess what?  They vary! Where have we heard that before?
If anyone has a Goose they are confident has the original dimensions on the mouth / scoop could you please help me with measurements  as follows (see photo of blue car)
The triangle formed by A,B,C I need the distance from where the mouth touches the from panel  at A to the edge at B
I then need the distance B from lip to rear where it meets the grille C to B.
I need the width between B and G
I need the distance from the back of the grill to the lip at D E and F (midway, 1/4 and 3/4 across)
And then I need the same distance H to G and J to G the other side.
Then to check I need the distance K to E bottom of lower grill panel to lip at the centreline (my annotation not quite centred I think!)
Also 4 additional questions:
1) Is the lip a rolled edge ? - I think so
2) There are 8 x holes in lower panel, anyone know the diameter of the holes?
3) Some cars also have 2 x holes below the brake vents , those holes look smaller anyone know the size (or confirm they are stock?)
4) The slope of the edge of mouth doesn’t quite seem to follow the lines of the grill slope (which would be logical I guess) but some cars the slope line is slightly inside the grill line and on others slightly outside, although of course this could be repairs and camera angle - what’s correct, inside outside or in line
Thanks in advance everyone
C Mangusta Spolier 25-10-21 AMENDEDTarga Florio 3


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Larry, All I can say is measuring 8MA1244 is this was definitely hand built 1) Yes the edge is rolled 2) the diameter of the larger holes is 58mm separation is 34mm +/-  (neither holes nor spacing is even)  3)  smaller holes are 38mm separation is 27.6mm (smaller drain hole is 15.5mm 4) I would say slope is same as grill but 22mm outboard of grill.IMG_5099RB303 008IMG_8709Let me best explain the front air dam spoiler piece the best I can. It is a 7cm lip including the rolled edge, it is inserted into the body 6cm. It is not straight as it follows the contour of the lower valence.  The radius of the corner bend is 2cm. The spoiler is angled 45° from horizontal. Hope that helps.


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It appears that the starting point on the body is good. Here is a straight on picture of my car, the lower scoop is untouched.  You can actually blow this up and make a stiff cardboard pattern to look at it on the car.  

I would make a cardboard pattern and go from there.

The camera was at a low enough point to use the image for that.

However, the outboard vertical line of the scoop is not vertical in side view. It also goes rearward as it goes down.

Look closely and you will see the the lower horizontal edge has a slight rising curve in it as it goes to the right and left

Then a small radius.

The front view angle of the vertical element is at the same angle as the outboard vertical element of the grill above it. They are in harmony.

>My car is not here so I cannot take a closeup picture of it for you.

Changing that scoop to get more air is a fruitless excersize as it is probably passing all the air that it can already.

The second shot gives you a good image of the shape of the end of the scoop. Do ot make it look "Mechanical" it has subtle shape everywhere.

There are other shots in Bella Mangusta but I think these are the best.



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  • IMG_1549 2: 8MA670 FRONT

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