My $$$ is on reserve not being met, but I'll guess bidding up to $250k since it's an unrestored two headlight model. 

I love some of the comments. 

regarding the two light version "down, the car is deferential and almost meek, as if it’s looking for something it dropped on the floor. up, it’s awake, but somewhat shocked to be there."


The video of him backing it off the lift was cringworthy...  the r/f tire was barely on the ramps and almost slid off.  Then he had to back a goose through what looked like a construction site...  no simple task under the best of conditions.  I am always paranoid backing mine anywhere...  even with a discreet rearview camera.



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After seeing the videos I’m less optimistic on price. Generally its poor etiquette  to dump on a listing, but I must concur with MKEH- a goose had no business on that lift! In fact the entire listing quite amateurish and not doing the owner any favors. Also the two headlight version is (in my experience) the less desirable configuration.  I’d wager that top dollar buyers are looking past this one. That being said, unrestored with low mileage and a good history... hard to say how this will turn out. 

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